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How much does Robin Hood camp cost?

How much does Robin Hood camp cost?

Parents of kids who attend the 90-year-old Camp Robin Hood in New Hampshire give similar feedback, owner and director David Cole told MarketWatch in 2017. The fee is on the high end — $11,300 — for a seven-week session filled with classic camp activities such as archery, arts and crafts and water skiing.

How big is camp Robin Hood?

50 acres
With over 50 acres of outdoor space, Camp Robin Hood provides a unique setting which is truly one-of-a-kind. A place that many campers, former campers, staff and former staff fondly refer to as their favourite place in the world.

Where is Camp Walt Whitman?

New Hampshire
Camp Walt Whitman (abbreviated CWW) is a traditional, overnight, and co-educational summer camp located in Piermont, New Hampshire along the shore of Lake Armington.

Is Camp Walden a real camp?

Camp Walden is a co-ed overnight camp in the Adirondack Mountains in New York.

What is the most expensive sleepaway camp?

The Most Expensive Summer Camps in the United States

  • Wildwood Camp for Boys – $10,000.
  • Walt Whitman – $10,050.
  • Vega – $10,200.
  • Takajo Boys Camp – $10,400.
  • Tripp Lake Camp – $10,400.
  • Brant Lake Boys Camp – $10,470.
  • Raquette Lake Girls Camp – $10,750.
  • Camp Laurel – $12,600.

How much do you tip a sleepaway camp counselor?

A handful of parents I spoke to said their day camps provided them with recommended tip amounts. The suggestions were roughly $40 to $60 tips for counselors, $25 for bus or van drivers, $20 to $40 for bus counselors, and $20 for various instructors.

What lake is Camp Wenonah on?

Welcome to Wenonah! Wenonah is trusted by families from around the world. Children and youth between 5 – 17 years old join us at Camp in Muskoka, Ontario to make friends, learn skills, and create lifelong memories.

How much does Camp Walt Whitman pay?

Camp Walt Whitman Salaries

Job Title Salary
Cabin Counselor salaries – 1 salaries reported $690/mo
Staff salaries – 1 salaries reported $2,874/mo
Summer Camp Counselor salaries – 1 salaries reported $2,142/mo

Is Camp Skylemar open this summer?

Skylemar operated safely and successfully during the pandemic of 2020. Here’s how… Skylemar activities and traditions were as exciting as always. Together we played, laughed, ran, splashed, cheered and had a summer packed with fun!

Is The Parent Trap camp real?

Camp Walden – The Girls’ Summer Camp The girls’ summer camp, which in the film is located in Maine, is actually Camp Seely of the San Bernardino Mountains in California. Owned by the City of Los Angeles, the camp is still hosting summer camps and getaways. You can even host your wedding there!

Where do the girls go to camp in Parent Trap?

Camp Walden
Camp Walden is the summer camp that Annie James and Hallie Parker attended in the 1998 remake of the original 1961 film The Parent Trap.

Is Camp Kikiwaka a real camp?

Camp Kikiwaka is a summer camp that is located in Maine.

Where is Camp Robin Hood in New England?

Camp Robin Hood is located on 180 acres of land in the beautiful White Mountains of New England in Freedom, NH. We are two hours north of Boston, six miles from the Maine border, and an hour from the ocean.

Are there care packages at Camp Robin Hood?

CARE PACKAGES – Robin Hood has a no package policy; we do not allow food in the cabins and believe we provide enough for your children to do; we also strive to be environmentally conscious. Of course, we do allow clothes, books and other necessary items to be shipped to camp.

What to do for a birthday at Camp Robin Hood?

BIRTHDAYS (at camp) – are always a time for a cake and a parade with Happy Birthday sung by the entire camp. If you would like to do something additional for your child, you may request Dunkin Donuts at wake-up, an ice-cream trip to the Cozy Corner or a Pizza Barn pizza party at your expense

Which is the best location for a Robin Hood event?

Robin Hood is the perfect location for your next event or retreat. Whether you are planning a one-day event or a weekend retreat, we offer the space and availability you require. Our lodge is fully equipped with Audio/Visual and retractable video screen and is a great spot for breakout sessions.