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How much is a Radinn Jetboard?

How much is a Radinn Jetboard?

The Radinn G2X Jetboard Electric Surfboard is scheduled for official release later this year. The standard kit is currently available for pre-order in white or black for a cool €9,900 (approximately USD $12,200) which includes the G2X board, a powerpack L, the remote controller, standard charger, and a board bag.

How much does an electric Jetboard cost?

Each Onean jetboard is an electric surfboard and cost between $3390 and $10,980 USD.

Why is JetSurf so expensive?

The price of JetSurf is higher mainly because it’s all made from carbon-fiber. This material is very expensive, but just because of carbon-fiber is JetSurf so light and you are able to easily travel with it.

How much is a JetSurf board?

The Ultra Sport is the basic model, with max riding speed of 30 mph, while the Factory steps it up to 34 mph. The Pro Race is the competition board designed for more advanced riders, with a special sport carburetor and a max speed of 35 mph. Pricing for the Jetsurf starts at $10,000.

Where are Radinn boards made?

With a customer’s final Radinn board configuration being assembled in Sweden, or at Radinn distributors around the globe, total production accuracy is required where components must fit together.

What is an electric surfboard?

An electric surfboard is a board designed for gliding over the water achieving great speeds without the need of waves. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, activating the jet when pressing on the ¨trigger. Like all electric vehicles, electric powered surfboards have very little and easy maintenance.

Which eFoil is the best?

The Best Efoil Board in 2021

  • Waydoo Flyer – Best for Ride Time.
  • Flying Rodeo – Best for Customization.
  • Lift 3 5’4” Cruiser eFoil – Best for Speed.
  • PWR eFoil – Best for Stability.
  • Get Foil – Best for Performance.
  • Lift 3 5’9” Explorer eFoil – Best for Beginners.
  • EasyGoat eFoil – Best for Portability.

How fast is a jetboard?

The Lampuga was the segment highlight this year, with large banners proclaiming it the “world’s fastest electric surfboard.” With a claimed top speed of 34 mph, it is faster than those other electric surfboards, with the exception of the 44-mph (71 km/h) Aquila Carver.

How far can a Jetsurf go?

The Jetsurf is so fuel efficient that CO emissions can be offset by planting 1 tree per board sold. The 2.8liter fuel tank will last an hour of Jetsurf riding and has a cruising range of up to 8 miles.

How long can you ride a Jetsurf?

The first-ever fully electric JETSURF board combines JETSURF’s top-notch maneuverability with environmental benefits. The ELECTRIC features are: Experience. Riding time 25-55 min….DIMENSIONS.

Length 1800 mm / 70.87 inches
Max load 100 kg / 220 pounds
Bindings Dual foot bindings

Is JetBoard waterproof?

JetBoard™ works harder than conventional boards. In an exterior application, it does double duty: providing structural sheathing, and a permeable barrier system. Just like leading house wrap systems, JetBoard™ prevents water, weather, and pollutants from entering the home.

How fast does a Jetsurf go?

The unique combination of powerful parts gives the Jetsurf the ability to reach speeds up to 37 MPH. The Jetsurf is easy to transport whether you are traveling by plane, boat, car, train, etc. The board is under 6 ft long and weighs 33 lbs.

When does the new radinn jetboard come out?

For our 2021 Radinn Jetboard review about the new Explore, Carve and Freeride models the Radinn team from Sweden was visiting us in November 2020 on a lake outside of Berlin. We were able to ride the boards and interview marketing manager Frederik Ardmar.

Who is the CEO of torque jetboard?

For our Torque jetboard review we met CEO & Founder Dean Jarrett for full 3 days in order to have a closer look at the Mongrel and Xtream electric surfboards. We also had the opportunity to check out the Torque race setup which enables riders all over the world to compete with each other at the same conditions.

Which is the heaviest radinn Jetboard in the world?

Dim. With 27 kg plus 20 kg for the battery it has a total weight of 47 kg, which means it is the heaviest board from Radinn. Ok, let’s start with the Radinn Carve.

Is the radinn jetboard carve and freeride?

Great condition for the 2021 Radinn Jetboard Review with the Carve and Freeride. As explained in the following video interview which also features some shots from the Radinn Carve review & Radinn Freeride test rides, all models are modular.