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How much is the barge to coochiemudlo?

How much is the barge to coochiemudlo?

Adults can travel on the Coochie ferry for just $5.40 for a one-way trip. Children’s tickets on the Coochie ferry are $2.70 for a single trip. Children under 4 travel free.

Can I take my car to Coochiemudlo Island?

Amity Trader operate vehicular barges to Coochiemudlo Island seven days a week. The crossing takes just 10 minutes and our vehicular barges run throughout the year. Prior Bookings are Essential. The barge is available for passenger vehicles, trailers, boats, trucks, motorbikes as well as walk on passengers.

How much does it cost to take a car to Coochiemudlo Island?

The cheapest way to get from Victoria Point to Coochiemudlo Island is to car ferry which costs $4 – $35 and takes 10 min.

Where does the coochiemudlo ferry leave from?

Victoria Point
Amity Trader operates a Passenger Ferry, offering regular services to Coochiemudlo Island from Victoria Point, seven days a week. The crossing takes just 10 minutes, and with ferries running every half an hour, you’re bound to get on board.

Is Coochiemudlo Island safe?

A petite five square kilometres in size Coochie is a perfect day trip choice for families. The island boasts 4 kilometres of clean, safe beaches to choose from and the water is mostly flat and calm making it perfect for children of all ages, SUPing, Kayaking and fishing.

Do I need a car on Coochiemudlo Island?

Affectionately known as Coochie, this small sub-tropical island fringed by bushland is just a short passenger ferry or vehicle ferry ride from Victoria Point. The island is only 5sq km, so there is no need for visitors to take a car – just pack a picnic and go for a walk.

Can you swim at Coochiemudlo Island?

Main Beach is the only beach on Coochie that is patrolled by a surf life saving club in the summer months, making it ideal for families who wish to swim.

Can you walk around Coochiemudlo Island?

The path around the island is approximately 5km and takes about an hour by bike or an hour and a half to two hours by foot. More than half of it is paved, the rest on dirt or sand and, except for one short jaunt up a steep hill, it is for the most part relatively flat.

Which is the best island to live on in Moreton Bay?

5 Answers. If you ask the locals, Karragarra Island is considered to be the ‘best’ island to live on due to its small population, safety and security, close community, almost zero traffic and gorgeous beach/swimming area. It also had the highest land values of all the islands.

Why is land on Lamb Island so cheap?

Its cheap for a reason. Midges, ferrals, druggos generally many scruffy smelly types and people with many chronic diseases and morbid obesity. Its very much a low sociopath economic area. Probably in ranking the islands 1st place karragarra, 2nd place Macleay, 3 russel and 4 lamb.

Can you swim on Macleay Island?

For an old fashioned beach holiday where you make your own fun on the beach and the water, Macleay Island is great and Dalpura beach is suitable for all to swim or just play for children and non-swimmers. It is tidal but still enjoyable to sit and chat in the water when the tide is out or swim when it is in.

What is wrong with Russell Island?

The developers had many issues to contend with, because there were no roads, water or electricity services. Even worse, much of the island is swampy with poor drainage and some low-lying areas even disappear underwater at high tide.

How much does it cost to get to Coochiemudlo Island?

Adults $5.00 per trip, children and concession $2.50 per trip. Click here for the Complete Ferry Schedule. Bookings are essential. Call Amity Trader on (07) 3820 6557 during office hours (8.00am-4.00pm Mon to Fri) to secure your car space on the barge. Ask about the special offers for return trips on certain days.

How to get to Coochiemudlo Island from Amity Trader?

Call Amity Trader on (07) 3820 6557 during office hours (8.00am-4.00pm Mon to Fri) to secure your car space on the barge. Ask about the special offers for return trips on certain days. Coochie has its own tower!

How did Coochiemudlo Island get its name?

In 1840 the Government Surveyor (Robert Dixon) in Brisbane named Coochiemudlo Island “Innis Island” after Lieutenant Innis who had recently explored the southern Bay. Within a few decades, however, the name used in official documents reverted to its Aboriginal form, spelt now as Coochiemudlo Island.

Is there ferry from Victoria Point to Coochiemudlo Island?

No public mooring spaces are available at Coochiemudlo Island, but smaller boats can beach or anchor anytime. Please respect others enjoying the water and the beaches, all wildlife and the ferry and barge operations. Bus services arriving and departing from Victoria Point jetty are the 270, 279 and 274.