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How much money did Jab We Met make?

How much money did Jab We Met make?


First Week: 11,80,00,000
Budget: 15,00,00,000
India Gross: 44,46,00,000
Overseas Gross: $1,640,000
Worldwide Gross: 50,93,80,000

Who is the music director of Jab We Met?

Pritam Chakraborty
Mohit ChauhanSanjoy ChowdhurySandesh Shandilya
When We Met/Music composed by

Who is Geet Aditya and Anshuman?

I had one such epiphany when I met Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met again some years ago, and realised three things. Geet (Kareena Kapoor Khan) was selfish and inconsiderate. Aditya (Shahid Kapoor) was gullible and needed professional help. And Anshuman (Tarun Raj Arora) was misjudged.

Does Netflix have Jab We Met?

Yes, Jab We Met is now available on Indian Netflix. It arrived for online streaming on September 27, 2020.

Do Geet and Aditya end up together?

With Geet settled in life, Aditya move on to his business life again only to meet up with Geet many months later to find that things are not quite rosy between her and Anshuman. In trying to make things right between the couple, Aditya and Geet end up falling in love.

Is Jab We Met a true story?

Primarily based in Mumbai, Bhatinda, and Shimla, Jab We Met tells the story of a feisty Punjabi girl, Geet Dhillon, who is sent off track when she bumps into a depressed Mumbai businessman, Aditya Kashyap, on an overnight train to Delhi….

Jab We Met
Country India
Language Hindi

Does Geet marry Aditya?

Is Jab we met a good movie?

Jab We Met is definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen so far. Everything is very nice about this movie, totally perfect. My Reviews: Kareena Kapoor – She really impressed me with this movie. I love how the way she portrayed the lovable & talkative Geet to the sensitive & sad Geet on the second half.

What is the story of Jab We Met?

Aditya, a heartbroken tycoon on the verge of committing suicide, aimlessly boards a train. He meets Geet, a high-spirited girl who plans to elope with her lover, and finds himself pulled into her crazy life.
When We Met/Film synopsis

Who are the actors in the movie Jab we Met?

Jab We Met (English: When We Met) is a 2007 Indian romantic comedy film directed and written by Imtiaz Ali. The film, produced by Dhillin Mehta under Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd, stars Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor in their fourth film together with Dara Singh, Pavan Malhotra and Saumya Tandon in supporting roles.

Who is the director of when we met?

Jab We Met (English: When We Met) is a 2007 Indian romantic comedy film directed and written by Imtiaz Ali.

Are there any other languages of Jab we Met?

Ashtavinayak later announced that Jab We Met would be remade by MoserBaer in four other Indian languages: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. However, eventually, it was remade only in Tamil as Kanden Kadhalai .

What was the error code for the movie Jab we Met?

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