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How old is Hayley Pearce?

How old is Hayley Pearce?

Hayley Pearce

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Age 23

Was the call Centre real?

The Call Centre is a BBC fly-on-the-wall documentary following staff at the call centre of a Welsh company called Save Britain Money. The call centre was officially named Save Britain Money and it was based in Swansea’s Enterprise Zone. It employed approximately 600 staff and was run by Neville (Nev) Wilshire.

Who was the boss in the call centre?

Nev Wilshire
Nev Wilshire. Nev is the man at the top in the Call Centre. He is a very hands on boss who makes it his business to know the ins and outs of the call centre workers’ professional and private lives. He was born and bred in Swansea, and wouldn’t live anywhere else for all the money in the world.

What is Nev from the call Centre doing now?

Nev. The Call Centre’s big cheese. Neville Wilshire is still on our TV screens, thanks to his Indian Call Centre show. He’s also released a Christmas single, takes motivational speaking bookings and still enjoys having his picture taking while pointing at the camera.

Is the TV series Call Center an original series?

“Call Center” is a fresh, original series in the genre of psychological thriller. You have not yet seen a similar series, it is something new, extraordinary and insanely interesting. For me personally, this is a revelation.

Where is the call center in call center?

On the 12th floor of the Moscow skyscraper, is the office of the call center “Online Store for Adults.” One morning, as usual, having come to work, twelve people who are in the office suddenly find out that there is a bomb in the room. The voices of the unknowns who introduced th… Read all

Who is the tea lady in call centre?

5/6 Hayley hopes her tea lady rap will make her the Dylan Thomas of the call centre. 4/6 Nev invites his staff to submit ideas to improve the company. 3/6 Nev’s enforcer Thorpey is forced to come out about a secret relationship at work.