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How warm is the arc teryx Atom LT?

How warm is the arc teryx Atom LT?

How warm is the Atom LT? Answer: The Atomo LT is rated down to about 38 degrees Fahrenheit in our experience with moderate to light activity. With layering, the Atom LT can go much lower e.g. an outer shell or baselayer.

What is the difference between arcteryx Atom LT and SL?

In summary, their main differences are: Atom LT is A LOT warmer, and also a little bit more weather resistant. Atom SL is A LOT lighter, and also a little bit more breathable and packable. Designed more for warm weather (during the summer and/or spring) use in the upper alpines.

Is Atom AR warmer than cerium LT?

Although Atom AR won’t be MUCH warmer than the Cerium LT in dry conditions, in wet conditions the difference will be day and night – you’ll feel much warmer inside the Atom AR compared to Cerium LT.

Is arcteryx worth the money?

Yes. Their jackets are really good. Be it in performance or in longevity, it’s very hard to find other jackets that compare on both of these factors. Especially when you take into consideration that these are technical pieces that are made not just to perform beautifully but to also wear and fit comfortably.

Is arcteryx atom warm?

One of the compromises of the Atom’s efficient warmth and decent weather resistance is breathability. Unlike active-insulation jackets like the Patagonia Nano-Air, Black Diamond First Light, and even Arc’teryx’s own Proton LT, the Atom runs fairly warm during high-output sports like ski touring.

Is Atom ar worth it?

Conclusion. So… in short: If you’re going to be physically active, absolutely get the Atom LT since it’s more breathable. For a stationary use, absolutely get the Atom AR since it’s warmer and more weather resistant.

Is arcteryx atom waterproof?

The Atom LT is not a wind/waterproof jacket, but it’s quite wind and moisture resistant. Like most synthetic based insulated pieces, it’s perfect for both dry and moist conditions. The fit is athletic, in the Arc’teryx sizing range, it’s a Trim Fit.

Is Atom AR packable?

Warm and breathable, wind and weather resistant, packable and durable. Worn as a cold weather midlayer or standalone during rest phases, the Atom AR Hoody is one of our most versatile insulation pieces.

Is arcteryx worth buying?