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Is 17 a high troponin level?

Is 17 a high troponin level?

The high-sensitivity cardiac troponin test can detect very small levels of troponin T in the bloodstream. The normal range (value) for high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T test (hs-cTnT) is 14 ng/l.

What does a troponin level of 12 mean?

Cardiac troponin levels are normally so low they cannot be detected with most blood tests. Having normal troponin levels 12 hours after chest pain has started means a heart attack is unlikely. A normal value range may vary slightly among different laboratories.

What is a very high troponin level?

Having a result between 0.04 and 0.39 ng/ml often indicates a problem with the heart. However, a very small number of healthy people have higher than average levels of troponin. So, if the result is in this range, a doctor may check for other symptoms and order further tests before making a diagnosis.

Is 3 a normal troponin level?

A normal troponin level is that within the normal reported reference range. So if the lab says < 0.04 is normal, then 0.03 and 0.02 and 0. o01 etc. are all normal!

What does a troponin level of 1 mean?

If even a small level of troponin is found in your blood, it may mean there is some damage to your heart. If high levels of troponin are found in one or more tests over time, it probably means you had a heart attack. Other reasons for higher than normal troponin levels include: Congestive heart failure. Kidney disease.

What is considered a low troponin level?

Low troponin values, near or below the 99th percentile, can be used for prognosis. Highest hazard ratios were found when using the 90th percentile, which suggests that lower cut-offs offer some clinical advantages.

When is troponin low?

Normal levels of troponin In healthy people, troponin levels are low enough to be undetectable. If you’ve experienced chest pain, but troponin levels are still low 12 hours after the chest pain started, the possibility of a heart attack in unlikely. High levels of troponin are an immediate red flag.

What if troponin T is low?

Even very low levels of cardiac troponin T are associated with increased risk for heart failure and cardiovascular death among patients with stable heart disease, according to an industry-funded study in the New England Journal of Medicine.