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Is Apple having a keynote in September?

Is Apple having a keynote in September?

Apple held an event on 14 September at which it launched the new iPhone, Apple Watch and two new iPads. Other events in 2021 have included Apple’s WWDC Keynote on 7 June at which the company revealed its plans for the operating system updates to the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

What will Apple release in September 2020?

Apple Event September 15, 2020 Introducing Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, Apple Fitness+, the new iPad Air and iPad, and Apple One — the all-new Apple services bundle.

Where can I watch Apple in September?

How to Watch Apple’s iPhone 13 Event on September 14, 2021

  • Apple Events Website. With the Apple Events website, you can watch the event live on a Mac, iPhone, ‌iPad‌, PC, or any other device with a web browser.
  • YouTube.
  • Apple TV App.
  • When to Watch the Apple Event.
  • MacRumors Coverage.

Where can I watch Apple event live?

The event will be streamed on Apple’s official YouTube channel. There’s a dedicated Apple event page to view the live streaming of the iPhone 13 launch. If you miss the event, you can watch it later anytime with the help of the Apple Podcast App.

Why does Apple release in September?

Last year, the COVID-19 health crisis pushed back the launch of the iPhone 12 series from the typical mid-September slot to October 13th, when Apple showed off its current phone series – iPhone 12, Mini, Pro and Pro Max – for the first time.

What month does Apple release new iPhones?

Based on past years, we expect to see the iPhone 13 announcement sometime in September 2021, with preorders through major carriers beginning within a few days to a week afterward. In fact, recent leaks have narrowed down the iPhone 13 release date to September 14, 2021.

Will iPhone 12 Pro be discontinued?

With the launch of the new iPhone series, tech giant Apple has discontinued the iPhone XR and the iPhone 12 Pro. According to MacRumors, iPhone XR and iPhone 12 Pro have been discontinued but the iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone SE are still around as lower-cost options, with all models getting a price drop.

Will the iPhone 12 price go down?

Lower prices are coming on iPhone 12 lineup: Apple typically reduces the price of the previous generation iPhones as soon as the new models are announced. We expect that the iPhone 12 will cost $599 after the iPhone 13 is introduced, which would be $200 less.

What is special about the month of September?

It is the first month of the Autumn or Fall season. Constitution Week takes place during the month of September. September in the Northern Hemisphere is similar to March in the Southern Hemisphere. September is often associated with fire because it was the month of the Roman god Vulcan.