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Is engineer any good gw2?

Is engineer any good gw2?

In open world and casual PvE, engineers are strong all-rounders thanks to their high damage and varied utility skills.

Is engineer hard to play gw2?

Engineer is hard to play but you get high skill low reward versus other classes who are low skill high reward. Scrapper hammer is packed with ultility burst damage cc combos and defense. Its useful.

What weapons can engineer use gw2?

Available weapons

Twohands weapon: Rifle
In the main hand: Pistol
In the off hand: Pistol Shield
Aquatic weapon: Harpoon gun

Which is better scrapper or Holosmith?

-Raw dps Holo-Solo world exploration, comes down to preference, scrapper has MUCH BETTER sustain, Holo Has much higher dps if you go complete glass.

What profession makes pistols in gw2?

Huntsman is a crafting discipline that focuses on ranged weapons such as short bows, longbows, pistols, rifles, and harpoon guns, as well as torches and warhorns.

What is the weakest class in Guild Wars 2?

Mesmer and warrior are the weakest links.

Can Rangers use pistols gw2?

Ranger literally means someone who ranges lands, i.e. a scout or a nomad. It has nothing to do with either guns or ranged weaponry.

Is the engineer a profession in Guild Wars?

The engineer is the third profession unveiled that is not present in the original Guild Wars. Original concepts for the engineer placed it as a heavy armor class profession. The engineer was the final profession to make it into the original eight professions.

How much does it cost to upgrade engineer in Guild Wars 2?

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What do engineers do in World of Warcraft?

Masters of mechanical mayhem, engineers love to tinker with explosives, elixirs, and all manner of hazardous gadgets. They support their allies with alchemic weaponry, deploy ingenious inventions, or lay waste to foes with a wide array of mines, bombs, and grenades.

What kind of armor do engineers wear in Guild Wars 2?

— Engineer Engineers are technological and alchemical masterminds. They employ turrets, grenades, elixirs, a variety of other impressive devices, and concoctions to overcome their enemies. As an adventurer profession, engineers wear medium armor.