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Is iPhone 4 and 4S the same LCD?

Is iPhone 4 and 4S the same LCD?

Yes. Almost… LCD & Digitizer are the same, but the mounting brackets are different.

What is difference between iPhone 4 and 4S?

Size. Both phones are 4.5 inches tall, 2.3 inches wide, and 0.37 inches thick. The only size difference between them is that, technically, the iPhone 4 weighs in at 4.8 ounces, while the 4s comes in at a whopping 4.9 ounces. Not a huge difference.

Is iPhone 4 and 4S the same size?

The iPhone 4 models are the same dimensions as the iPhone 4S but weigh slightly less — 4.8 ounces (137 g).

Is iPhone 4 and 4S battery the same?

Although the process to replace the battery in the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S is quite similar (but not identical), the batteries themselves are different. The battery in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models is attached with adhesive like earlier iPhone models.

Is iPhone 4s a good phone?

Decent performance, but its internals showing the age But I was surprised to find out how capable the iPhone 4s is even today. Browsing the web on the iPhone 4s is as good as on any other phone. A lot of Google apps, be it Gmail and YouTube, do not support the iPhone 4s anymore.

What is the cost of iPhone 4s?

Apple iPhone 4S Price in India

Product Name Price in India
Apple iPhone 4S (16GB) – Black ₹ 7,999

How do I know if I have an iPhone 4 or 5?

If you want to find out which iPhone you have, you can simply go to Settings > General > About. The About page gives you general info about your iPhone. It details the version of iOS you’re running, the storage capacity, and the model number.

Can I still use iPhone 4S in 2019?

Is The iPhone 4S Still Usable in 2019? The short answer: yes. Phone hardware has come a long way since the iPhone 4S was introduced in 2011. Newer phone models will be able to gracefully handle almost anything you throw at them.

What is the battery life of iPhone 4S?

An extremely small jump in battery capacity, from 1420 mAh in the 4 to 1430 mAh in the 4S. This is a very small change that boosts the capacity in watt-hours from 5.25 to 5.3….iPhone Q&A.

iPhone 4 iPhone 4S
Battery Life (Video): 10 Hours 10 Hours
Standby Time: 300 Hours 200 Hours

How much does it cost to replace iPhone 4 screen?

If your phone is out of warranty and you don’t have AppleCare+, a screen replacement will cost you between $129 and $329, depending on your model iPhone. Other types of hardware repairs start at $149 for an iPhone 4 and can run as high as $599 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max.