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Is Norton 360 really being discontinued?

Is Norton 360 really being discontinued?

No, but Norton 360 has gone through changes, as outlined below: In April 2019, the new Norton 360 replaced Norton Security. This latest Norton 360 works on Windows PC and Mac computers, and iOS and Android based smartphones and tablets.

Is Norton 360 worth the money?

Norton 360 is probably the best antivirus software we’ve tested. It offers 100% protection against all types of malware. And it offers a lot of fantastic security features, including parental controls, cloud backup and access to Norton Secure VPN.

What is Norton 360 and how much does it cost?

Considered strictly as a cross-platform security suite, Norton 360 with Lifelock looks expensive. At $149.99 per year, it costs $50 more than Norton 360 Deluxe and gets you the same five security and VPN licenses.

What is the difference between Norton 360 and Norton Premium?

The main difference between the two products is in that Norton 360 provides Secure VPN, PC SafeCam, and Dark Web Monitoring. It also provides more of online storage for PC backups and files. For more details, please visit our page that compares Norton 360 to Norton Security services.

Do I need Norton Utilities premium if I have Norton 360?

Norton Utilities Premium helps you automatically optimize your Windows PC’s processing power, memory, and hard drive when you launch high-demand apps. You are not obligated to purchase Norton Utilities Premium.

Is Norton 360 the same as Norton LifeLock?

Norton 360 with LifeLock combines the recognized Norton computer and online security name with LifeLock’s reputation as a known player in identity theft protection.

Is Norton the worst antivirus?

Overall, Norton is the best all-around internet security suite you can find — it provides unbeatable malware protection, it bundles almost all of the internet security tools available on the market into a single program, and it provides an excellent value for virtually all types of users.

How much does Norton 360 with LifeLock cost per year?

The Norton 360 with Lifelock Advantage plan costs $19.99 a month the first year and $24.99 thereafter. If you pay for a full year, you can save $4 per month. Norton 360 With LifeLock Ultimate Plus is the most comprehensive plan from LifeLock.

Can Norton 360 be hacked?

Norton Antivirus stops hackers in some ways, but it doesn’t provide complete protection from hackers. Norton Antivirus is able to protect your computer from many of the tools hackers use to infiltrate your computer, but the program that keeps hackers from directly getting in to your computer is called a firewall.

How do I get Norton 360 for free?

Use Norton Free for 30 Days

  1. Norton 360 is available as a free 30-day offer from
  2. Windows™ Operating Systems.
  3. Mac® Operating Systems.
  4. Android™ Operating Systems.
  5. iOS Operating Systems.
  6. Available for Windows™ PC, Mac®, iOS and Android™ devices:
  7. Windows™
  8. Mac®

Which is better Norton 360 or Norton Antivirus Plus?

Norton AntiVirus Plus is the most basic of Norton’s antivirus offerings. The Norton 360 suite comes with more bells and whistles, such as access to a VPN, dark web monitoring and the ability to block unauthorized webcam access on a PC. Our dedicated guide on Norton plans will help you choose between the three.

What is included in Norton 360 premium?

Norton 360 Premium provides comprehensive malware protection for up to 10 PCs, Mac, Android or iOS devices, plus Parental Control‡ to help protect your kids online, Password Manager to store and manage your passwords and PC Cloud Backup4. Norton 360 Premium also includes a VPN for 10 devices and SafeCam for PC.

How much does Norton Security cost?

For example, if you subscribed annually to Norton Security Deluxe as your base4 and you recently added on Norton Secure VPN for 1 device – the then applicable annual renewal subscription price is $79.99 + $29.99 = $109.98/year.

What is Norton 360 Premium?

Norton 360 Premium for up to 10 devices, provides you powerful layers of protection for your connected devices and online privacy. Your personal devices and information have protection as you bank, shop and post online, both at home and on public Wi-Fi.

What is Norton 360?

Norton 360, which was developed by Symantec, is an “all-in-one” security suite that combined online protection with performance tuning. The thing that distinguished this suite from Norton Internet Security, is the inclusion of optimization and problem solving tools. Norton 360 was distributed as a boxed copy,…

What is Norton subscription?

A Norton subscription allows you to get free virus definition and program updates for your Norton program. Norton subscriptions are typically purchased for a period of one or three years. You can check the status of your Norton subscription right from your Internet browser.