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Is poder indicative or subjunctive?

Is poder indicative or subjunctive?

Poder: Imperfect Subjunctive Tense.

What are the conjugations of poder?

Poder in the Present Tense

Subject Pronoun Present Tense of Poder Meaning
él/ella/usted puede he/she is able to/can, you (formal) are able to/can
nosotros/as podemos we are able to/can
vosotros/as podéis you all (Spain) are able to/can
ellos/ellas/ustedes pueden they/you all are able to/can

What is the past subjunctive of poder?


inglés yo
Present I am able, can pueda
Present Perfect I have been able, was able haya podido
Imperfect I was able, could pudiera OR pudiese
Past Perfect – Pluperfect I had been able hubiera podido OR hubiese podido

What is the present subjunctive of ser?

Present Subjunctive – Ser

yo sea (I be)
seas (you be)
Ud./él/ ella sea (you be)
nosotros (as) seamos (we be)
vosotros (as) seáis (you guys be)

How do you use Poder in a sentence?

Poder as a noun Often used in combination with the preposition de, you can use poder to describe someone’s abilities. English: His powers of negotiation are very impressive. Español: Su poder de negociación es muy impresionante. English: Her powers of persuasion are unmatched.

What is the conjugation of cerrar?

Using Cerrar In the Present Tense

yo cierro I close/I am closing
tú cierras you close/you are closing
él, ella, usted cierra he or she closes/are closing OR you (formal) close/are closing
nosotros cerramos we close/we are closing
vosotros cerráis you all (formal) close/are closing

What is past subjunctive used for?

Uses. The past subjunctive is usually introduced by the same kinds of clauses that introduce the present subjunctive. The past subjunctive indicates a simultaneous action or a future action in relation to a main clause in the past tense.

How do you form the present subjunctive?

The present (or present simple) is the most basic tense in the subjunctive mood. For most verbs, the present subjunctive is formed by dropping the -o ending from the first person singular yo of the present indicative and adding the present subjunctive endings.

What words are followed by subjunctive?

The base subjunctive is typically used in that clauses after two structures:

  • suggest-verb (or noun) + that. advise, ask, command, demand, desire, insist, order, prefer, propose, recommend, request, suggest.
  • advisable/anxious-adjective + that.

How do you use the present subjunctive?

The present subjunctive mood is normally used when speaking about a thought, belief, expectation or assumption – and despite the name, this form can be used to speak about a future action (as well as a present action). For example: I hope you are fine – Espero que estés bien (present)

What is the conjugation of Poder?

Poder conjugations include the indicative mood (present, past, conditional, future), the subjunctive mood (present and past), the imperative mood, and other verb forms. In the present indicative tense, the stem change o to ue occurs in all the conjugations except nosotros and vosotros.

What does the verb poder mean?

Poder is a verb of ability and possibility. It is equivalent in meaning to the English modal verbs “can” and “may”, although it can also be translated as “to be allowed to” or “to be able to,” among other similar expressions.

How to conjugate subjunctive?

Start with the present tense ils conjugation of the verb Drop – ent to find the subjunctive stem Add the appropriate subjunctive ending: -e, -es, -e, -ions, -iez, -ent

What is the conjugation of Pedir?

The verb pedir (conjugation) means “to request” or “to ask for”. The verb pedir is known as a stem-changing -ir verb, because the e changes to i in the third person singular and plural.