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Is Ryan Dobson still on Family Talk?

Is Ryan Dobson still on Family Talk?

Today, Ryan has joined forces with his father on staff at the new Family Talk ministry in Colorado Springs, Colorado and co-hosts a radio show with Dr. Ryan Dobson lives in Colorado with his wife, Laura, and their son, Lincoln.

What is Danae Dobson doing now?

This inspirational work is a sequel to her former publication entitled Let’s Talk! Danae is also active in her speaking ministry, addressing women at church-related events such as banquets, teas, and conferences. She is also involved in seminars for teens and speaks to children at Christian schools.

Does James Dobson still run Focus on the Family?

Dobson also founded the Family Research Council in 1981. He is no longer affiliated with Focus on the Family. Dobson founded Family Talk as a non-profit organization in 2010 and launched a new radio broadcast, Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson, that began on May 3, 2010, on over 300 stations nationwide.

How old is James Dobson now?

85 years (April 21, 1936)
James Dobson/Age

Who is president of Focus on the Family?

Jim Daly (evangelist)

Jim Daly
Education California State University, San Bernardino Regis University (MBA)
Occupation President and CEO of Focus on the Family
Spouse(s) Jean Daly
Children 2

Who is James Dobson’s daughter?

Danae Dobson
James Dobson/Daughters

How much is focus on the family worth?

Focus on the Family

Founded 1977 California, United States
Revenue $99,205,813 (2019 FY)
Employees 640 (as of 2013)
Volunteers 112

Who is the head of Focus on the Family?

How much is the Dobson family worth?

The Dobson family, which owns Whataburger, is worth $1.8 billion and also headquarter their chain of restaraunts in the Alamo City.

What is wrong with Focus on the Family?

It lobbies against LGBT rights, including LGBT adoption, LGBT parenting, and same-sex marriage. Focus on the Family has been criticized by psychiatrists, psychologists, and social scientists for misrepresenting their research in order to bolster its religious ideology and political agenda.

What does Fotf stand for?


Acronym Definition
FOTF Friends of the Foot
FOTF Falling on the Floor
FOTF Fight of the Fading
FOTF Father of the Family

Who is the CEO of Focus on the Family?