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Is there cell service at Pettit Lake?

Is there cell service at Pettit Lake?

Phone service: There is cell reception and a pay phone at Stanley. There is a pay phone at the store at Redfish Lakes central services and there is a pay phone at Sawtooth City. Nearby Services: Stanley to the north or Sawtooth City to the south.

Is Pettit Lake open?

Area Status: Open There is water, picnic tables and vaulted toilets. No personal watercraft are allowed on Pettit Lake.

Can you camp anywhere in Sawtooth National Forest?

Camping: Camp at least 100 feet from trails, lakes and streams. South of Galena Summit there is a 16-day camping limit and you may not relocate anywhere in the Ketchum Ranger District or Sawtooth NRA areas for 14-days.

Where is Pettit Lake?

Pettit Lake is pristine and beautiful and also glacier made. The lake is backdropped by the Sawtooth Mountains and the color of the water and the alpine forest makes this adventure unforgettable. The lake is located 45 miles north of Ketchum, Idaho or 17 miles south of Stanley, Idaho.

Can you swim in Baker lake Idaho?

The lake itself is a good place to have lunch or a refreshing swim, and it’s usually well-stocked with trout, too. Watch for mountain goats on the cirque behind it.

Do you need a permit to hike in the Sawtooth Mountains?

False – Any time you enter the Sawtooth Wilderness you need to fill out a permit. It is free and easy to do on all the trails at all the Wilderness boundary.

How do I get to Alice Lake?

Alice Lake Provincial Park is located along Highway 99, 5 km north of Squamish on the east side of the highway. Follow the signs for the park and the trail is accessed either via Alice Lake itself or via the Stump Lake entrance, which is just opposite the entrance to the park and offers its own parking for hikers.

Can you have fires in the Sawtooth Mountains?

You will encounter many user-made fire rings in Wilderness and backcountry areas. These are illegal in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and fires are not allowed.

Can you kayak on Baker Lake?

Kayaking Baker Lake Baker Lake Sea Kayaking — Though you’ll run into moderate motorized boat traffic, Baker Lake by way of sea kayak is excellent, easy, and highly recommended. The long, skinny nature of the lake makes it easy to bail/return to shore no matter where you are, and launch points abound.

What kind of fish are in Baker Lake?

Sockeye salmon
Rainbow troutDolly Varden troutBull troutCutthroat trout
Baker Lake/Fish

Where is Pettit Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains?

Resting in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountains, Pettit Lake is one of several scenic alpine lakes located south of Stanley Idaho and north of Sun Valley. To get to Pettit Lake from Stanley, Idaho, drive south 18 miles on State Road 75.

Where is the campground in Sawtooth National Forest?

Pettit Lake Campground is located approximately two miles west of Hwy 75 on FS Rd 208. It is in a secluded area next to Pettit Lake nestled at the base of rolling hills and majestic peaks. Swimming, fishing, kayaking and canoeing are wonderful activities for Pettit lake.

How to get to Pettit Lake in Idaho?

Pettit Lake offers water recreation opportunities, and the Tin Cup trailhead is a main access point for hikers and horseback riders entering the Sawtooth Wilderness. From Stanley, Idaho, drive south 18 miles on State Road 75. Turn right at the sign for Pettit Lake.

Where to sign in at Pettit Lake Wilderness boundary?

The trail follows the north shore of Pettit Lake for the first mile so it’s mostly level and easy walking. One nice view near the end of Pettit Lake. Not to far passed the end of the lake you will find the wilderness boundary. Here you will need to sign in and take your permit.