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Is Whitney from 16 and Pregnant still with Weston?

Is Whitney from 16 and Pregnant still with Weston?

The 16 and Pregnant star has dumped her son’s father, Weston Gosa, for being lazy. Purvis, now 18, tells that she decided to call it quits because she was sick of Gosa’s lazy lifestyle. ‘[He] was gone all the time’, she said.

How old is Whitney Purvis?

Whitney Purvis is a 16-year-old high school junior from Rome, Georgia who became pregnant by her boyfriend Weston Gosa….

Whitney Purvis
Location: Union, South Carolina
Relationships: Weston Lewis Gosa (husband)

How old was Whitney and Weston?

The 23-year-old former reality star allegedly threw a metal wheel through two windows in an attempt to gain entry into the Silver Creek home of 26-year-old Weston Gosa, according to an article on Wednesday by.

What happened to christinna from 16 and Pregnant?

Apparently Christinna and Isiah ultimately divorced. Somebody on Reddit says that Isiah had another child, and Christinna got engaged to somebody else and also had a second child. Apparently Isiah’s grandmother wanted to sue MTV over their editing.

Who died from 16 and pregnant?

In 2016 it was revealed Valerie Fairman from 16 and Pregnant has died due to a drug overdose. Here’s a look at her life and what happened. Valerie’s mother blasted MTV and accused the network of her daughter’s death. She claimed Valerie would have been alive had she had not appeared on the reality show.

Who is Nikkole Paulun?

Nikkole Paulun is a 15-year-old high school girl from Monroe, Michigan who becomes pregnant by her then-boyfriend Josh Drummonds. On November 5, 2009, Nikkole gives birth to their son, Lyle Thomas Drummonds. On July 5, 2015, she gave birth to her second child, daughter Ellie Jade with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Rice.

Are Josh and Ebony still together?

Shortly after Jocelyn’s birth, Ebony struggles to get herself through school, to get the help and support she needs from Josh and to prepare for his upcoming departure to the Air Force while he works to find a job to support his family. Josh and Ebony got married in 2011.

Who died 16 and Pregnant 2020?

A spokesperson from Chester County Coroner in Pennsylvania told Radar that Valerie died from, “multiple drug toxicity.” The cause of death was ruled “accidental.” She passed away at 4:54pm. Valerie, who appeared on 16 and Pregnant in 2010, was found unresponsive at a friend’s home in Pennsylvania.

Who died on 16 and Pregnant?

Is Isaiah Destiny’s father?

16 And Pregnant fans watched in horror last week as Christinna Renee Robinson was pressured by the grandmother of her baby’s daddy, Isiah, to take a DNA test and prove that he is indeed the father of Christinna’s daughter, Destiny.

Do you get paid to be on 16 and Pregnant?

16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom are meant to show the hardships of being a young parent but they get paid like $70K per episode…