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Is WWV still transmitting?

Is WWV still transmitting?

WWV, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, has been transmitting one rock-steady pulse per second for more than 80 years. But you can hear the stations by calling (303) 499-7111 for WWV or (808) 335-4363 for WWVH . There are also online recordings of the stations’ gentle announcements.)

When did WWV move to Fort Collins?

The original voice announcements were at 5-minute intervals. It is interesting to note that WWV continued to broadcast local time at the transmitter site until 1967. In 1966, the decision was made to move WWV to its current location, near Fort Collins, Colorado.

What is the purpose of WWV?

Like WWV, WWVH’s main function is the dissemination of official U.S. Government time, through exactly the same methods as found on WWV’s signal. To minimize interference with the WWV broadcasts on the same frequencies, WWVH’s broadcasts on 5, 10 and 15 MHz are directional, pointed primarily west.

What is the WWV time?

Voice announcements are made from WWV once every minute. The WWVH announcement occurs first, at about 15 s before the minute. The WWV announcement follows at about 7.5 s before the minute. The announced time is “Coordinated Universal Time” (UTC).

Does short wave still exist?

Like all international radio, the Buzzer operates at a relatively low frequency known as “shortwave”. As you might expect, shortwave signals have proved extremely popular. Today they’re used by ships, aircraft and the military to send messages across continents, oceans and mountain ranges.

Can I listen to WWV on the Internet?

Why can’t I hear WWV/WWVH on the Internet? NIST has considered streaming the audio from WWV/WWVH via the Internet, but because of audio buffering, the time announcement could be several seconds off and would vary for different users.

Why is it called Fort Collins?

Fort Collins was founded as a military fort in 1864 and referred to as “Camp Collins.” The post was given the name in honor of Lt. Col. William 0. Collins, the popular commander of Ohio Cavalry troops whose headquarters were at Fort Laramie.

Where is the atomic clock in Fort Collins?

Located about 7 miles above the city of Fort Collins, CO and 50 miles or so north of the Department of Commerce Boulder Laboratories, the 390-acre site was purchased in 1962, Over the next four years (1962-1966) the two transmitter facilities, double helix houses and antennae were all built.

What mode is WWV?

WWV Broadcasts National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) time and frequency signals from a location near Fort Collins, Colorado. WWV uses a male voice. The transmission mode is DSB AM.

Is WWV AM or FM?

The tallest tower, for 2.5 MHz, is about 60 m tall. The shortest tower, for 20 MHz, is about 7.5 m tall. The top half of each antenna is a quarter-wavelength radiating element….WWV Antenna Coordinates.

Frequency (MHz) Latitude Longitude
15 40° 40′ 45.0″ N 105° 02′ 24.5″ W
20 40° 40′ 53.1″ N 105° 02′ 28.5″ W

How do I get WWV?

The audio portions of the WWV and WWVH broadcasts can also be heard by telephone. To hear these broadcasts, dial (303) 499-7111 for WWV (Colorado), and (808) 335-4363 for WWVH (Hawaii). Callers are disconnected after 2 minutes.