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What are METARs and TAFs?

What are METARs and TAFs?

METAR is the international standard code format for hourly surface weather observations which is analogous to the SA coding currently used in the US. The acronym roughly translates from French as Aviation Routine Weather Report. TAF is the international standard code format for terminal forecasts issued for airports.

Can you look up past METARs?

We offer online access to recent METAR and TAF reports—at least the last ninety days should always be available online—as well as our massive METAR and TAF archive, containing nearly every report for nearly every station in the world dating back to November 2008.

How do I find my METARs?

Where to get METARs and TAFs. There are two primary places to get METARs and TAFs: NOAA’s aviation weather site or an aviation app on your smart device. I personally use Foreflight. It is hands down the most advanced aviation and weather flight planning tool out there.

What is a SPECI METAR?

A METAR is a routine report of meteorological conditions at an aerodrome. A SPECI is a special report of meteorological conditions, issued when one or more elements meet specified criteria significant to aviation.

How long is a speci valid for?

How long is a SPECI valid for? SPECIs are actual observations and not forecasts, and as such SPECIs don’t have a validity period.

Are METARs forecasts?

A METAR (METeorological Aerodrome Report) is an observation and provides information about the current weather. Sometimes a METAR also gives a short-term forecast.

How long is a SPECI valid for?

How long is a SPECI Metar valid for?

1 hour
Aviation Routine Weather Report Issuance & Validity: Issued every hour, usually 55~59 past the hour. Data may be up to 15 minutes old, should not be older. Valid for 1 hour or until the next released report.

How long is a Pirep valid for?

How long is a PIREP valid? Operationally about 5 – 10 min. The weather is dynamic.