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What are the challenges facing education system in Kenya?

What are the challenges facing education system in Kenya?

Despite the Kenya’s government efforts towards the realization of Education For All (EFA), it continues to experience a number of challenges. These include gender disparities, high poverty levels, Teacher supply and quality, HIV/AIDS Pandemic and Inadequate financial resources.

What are the challenges faced in today’s educational system?

The major challenges faced by the education system in India

  • Expenditure on education.
  • Gross enrolment pattern.
  • Capacity utilization.
  • Infrastructure facilities.
  • Student-teacher ratio.
  • Accreditation and branding – quality standards.
  • Students studying abroad.

What is the current education system in Kenya?

Education of Kenya. The national educational system consists of three levels: eight years of compulsory primary education (beginning at age six), four years at the secondary level, and four years of higher education. The government provides free primary and secondary education.

What are the common problems in education?

Issues Regarding the Educational System

  • Quality of Education. First of which, is the quality of education.
  • Budget for Education.
  • Affordability of Education.
  • Drop-out Rate (Out-of-school youth)
  • Mismatch.
  • Brain Drain.
  • Social Divide.
  • Lack of Facilities and Teacher Shortage in Public Schools.

What are the problems faced in education sector?

Lack of funds, the colleges in India lack funds, they don’t have enough funds to enhance the quality of education and hence lacks in the infrastructure facility, teaching environment and quality teachers. Infrastructure facilities at schools and colleges across rural areas dispense very poor quality of education.

Where does Kenya rank in education?

In 2017, the World Economic Forum rated Kenya’s education system as the strongest on the African continent. In 2018, the World Bank ranked Kenya the top African country for education outcomes (1st out of 43 mainland countries).

What are the problem in education system BYJU’s?

Current Issues in Education in India Gross enrolment pattern as followed by the UN must also be adapted by India. Capacity utilisation – The world now needs creative minds and the Government must encourage schools to boost the students and utilise their capacities to the max and not let their ideas go unheard.

What is the biggest problem facing students today?

Distractions. In the current times, distractions have increased manifold. Bullying. Bullying is a major problem that students face in school.

What are the problems of education system?

Problems associated with the education system in Pakistan lack of adequate budget, lack of policy implementation, inefficient testing system, defective body structures, lack of quality of teachers, lack of education policy implementation, indirect education, low enrollment, high-level resignation, politics interference …