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What are the names of the trains on Thomas the train?

What are the names of the trains on Thomas the train?

Standard gauge

  • Thomas is a blue tank engine who works on the North Western Railway.
  • Edward is a blue mixed-traffic tender engine who runs his own branch line.
  • Henry is a green mixed-traffic tender engine that works on the Main Line.
  • Gordon is a big blue tender engine who pulls the express that works on the Main Line.

What’s the green train called in Thomas?

Henry, the curmudgeonly train, is afraid to come out of his tunnel, because “the rain will ruin my lovely green paint and red stripes.” Then Sir Topham Hatt, the railway director, who is also known as the Fat Controller, arrives on the scene.

What is the yellow train in Thomas called?

Molly is a powerful, shy, friendly, bright yellow tender engine.

What is the red train called in Thomas?

James the Red Engine
James the Red Engine is a fictional anthropomorphic tender locomotive from The Railway Series children’s books by the Reverend Awdry and the TV series adaptation Thomas & Friends. He is a mixed-traffic engine, which means he is just as capable of pulling coaches as trucks.

Which Thomas train is number 8?

Great Western Engine
Duck (Number 8/5741) Duck the Great Western Engine (real name Montague; No. 8, but displays his ex-GWR number, 5741) is an 0-6-0 PT ex-Great Western Railway 5700 Class locomotive. He is painted in Great Western green and is officially numbered 8, although he carries a cast GWR number plate on his cab sides (5741).

What number train is Emily?

From the twenty-fourth series episode, Emily to the Rescue onwards, Emily has her number 12 painted on the middle square on the sides of her tender in beige with chocolate brown borders.

What’s the boat called in Thomas?

Captain is a wooden rescue boat.

What kind of train is Molly?

Molly is a Claud Hamilton class 4-4-0. Built in c1900. Built by the Great Eastern Railway at Stratford works and named after the chairman of the company. Two of this class were appointed to Haul the Royal trains to Sandrim.

Is Percy a boy or a girl?

The name Percy is a girl’s name of French origin. Percy is a traditional boys’ name that could be cute and unexpected for a girl.

Who is number 2 Thomas train?

Edward. Edward was the first character to appear in The Railway Series by the Rev W. Awdry, and is part of the central group of characters in the TV Series. He is a blue 4-4-0 tender engine with red stripes, about the same size as James, and bears the number 2 on his tender.