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What are the requirements for desert treasure?

What are the requirements for desert treasure?


  • 53 Thieving (Cannot be boosted)
  • 50 Firemaking.
  • 10 Slayer – not required if you have a Gas mask from Plague City.
  • 50 Magic (Cannot be boosted)
  • Completion of the following quests: The Dig Site. Druidic Ritual. Temple of Ikov. The Tourist Trap. Troll Stronghold. Death Plateau. Priest in Peril. Waterfall Quest.

How do you start desert treasure in rs3?

Walk, use a Bandit Camp Teleport, or take a carpet ride to the Bedabin Camp in the Kharidian Desert, and talk to the archaeologist, who can be found beside the magic carpet merchant. He tells you that he is the ‘world famous’ Asgarnia Smith, the discoverer of the Temple of Ikov and the Brimhaven Agility Arena.

What level is desert treasure?

Requirementsedit. Level 10 slayer. Level 50 fire making.

Can you start desert treasure without requirements?

You don’t need 53 theving to do the diamond of smoke, you can get the diamonds in any order. However, you may have to have 53 theiving to start the quest.

Do I need ice gloves for desert treasure?

The ice gloves are used in Heroes’ Quest to pick up the Entrana firebird’s fire feather, and have uses in other quests, such as the Clock Tower, Desert Treasure, Watchtower, and Recipe for Disaster. You do not need to start Heroes’ Quest to obtain the ice gloves.

What does desert treasure give you?

Once you successfully open the chest, you will receive the gilded cross and 150 Thieving experience. If the cross is lost, simply searching the chest again will give another. It does not need to be unlocked again.

Do you need ice gloves for desert treasure?

How do you start a troll romance?

After entering the Troll Stronghold the normal way without shortcuts, go north until you find a set of stairs going down. Once on the lower level, head south. Ug is in the western room. Talk to him to learn that he is in love with a female troll named Aga, who unfortunately loves another, aggressive troll called Arrg.

How long does it take to finish desert treasure?

Despite the dungeons, bosses and more going on, it shouldn’t take you more than 4-6 hours. Well-prepared players have been known to finish the quest within a couple of hours, it just depends on how well-fitted you are before heading into it.

Can I get ice gloves without 50 mining?

Ice gloves are dropped by the Ice Queen in White Wolf Mountain. A pickaxe is needed to reach the queen in order to mine through some rocks, which requires a Mining level of 50 (this can be boosted).

How do you unlock Hells Bells Osrs?

Hells Bells is a music track that is unlocked while sledding down Trollweiss Mountain. The player only needs to have completed the Death Plateau quest to access the mountain.

What do you need for Desert Treasure RuneScape?

Items needed: Garlic, a silver bar and spice. Items recommended: Good food (something along your constitution level works best), 2-3 prayer potions, a druid pouch or ouroboros pouch, magic combat supplies and/or a dwarf multicannon, and an emergency teleport (such as a teleport tablet ).

Where do you find the treasure in the kharidian desert?

The Kharidian Desert – Desert Treasure starts in Bedabin Camp. Items required: Two Shantay passes (or other methods of entering the desert), 650 coins, blood rune, ashes, bones *, charcoal *, 6 molten glass *, 12 magic logs *, 6 steel bars * (items marked with a * may be noted).

Do You need Magic logs for Desert Treasure?

It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline. Speak to the archaeologist in the Bedabin Camp. Skill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable. This is not required if you obtain the magic logs as a drop instead.

Where do you find Eblis in Desert Treasure OSRS?

After giving him the items, Eblis will disappear, reappearing a little to the south-east on top of a hill (shown as a grey circle on the minimap), surrounded by six mirrors. Looking into them will show locations related to the diamonds; players aren’t required to do this, but doing so may enhance the quest experience.