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What are the tools of PageMaker?

What are the tools of PageMaker?

PageMaker Tools

Function Description
Rotate Rotates text blocks and graphics to almost any angle.
Crop Crops graphics (press and hold the [Shift] key to crop proportionally).
Line Creates straight lines at almost any angle.
Constrained Line Creates vertical, horizontal and 45-degree-angle lines.

What is the use of PageMaker?

Adobe PageMaker enables you to create professional-looking publications for print and the web, or convert them to PDF (Portable Document Format) directly from within the application. PageMaker has been around since 1985 when it was known as Aldus PageMaker.

How do I get the PageMaker toolbar?

The PageMaker toolbar is one such feature (see Figure 24.12)….Each button represents a different action; they are listed here as they appear across the toolbar from left to right:

  1. New Document.
  2. Open Document.
  3. Save.
  4. Print.
  5. Find/Change.
  6. Check Spelling.
  7. Open Character Palette.
  8. Increase Font Size.

What is PageMaker explain any three tools used in PageMaker?

Lines tools – used to create straight lines. Shape tools – used to create rectangles or circles. Rotation tool – used to rotate objects such as pictures,shapes, or text boxes. Cropping tool – used to cut or “crop” the part of the picture you wish to use.

What are the features of PageMaker?

PageMaker Features. Set up a single file for multiple versions of a publication, add annotations, and experiment with layouts by placing objects on different layers. By placing text and graphics on separate layers, you can control which objects are visible and work faster by turning off the graphics layer.

How many types of line tools are there in PageMaker?

PageMaker has two Line tools. The first one creates a straight line at any orientation. The second is a constrained line tool that draws only at increments of 45 degrees.

What are the advantages of PageMaker?

Advantages of using PageMaker over sending the project out to a professional typesetter include:

  • Greater control over the finished product – the ability to experiment with varying text appearances (fonts, leading, kerning, etc.)
  • Faster turn-around time for the skilled user, especially for minochanges.

What is menu bar in PageMaker?

The PageMaker menu bar. While you take a brief look at the PageMaker menus from left to right, take note of the keyboard shortcuts in the menus: they allow you to perform certain actions by means of key strokes instead of mouse/cursor movements.

How many menus are there in PageMaker?

How many menus are there in PageMaker? 73.

How many tools are there in PageMaker?

14 Tools and Its Uses In Adobe Pagemaker 7.

How do you edit data in PageMaker?

Edit Text in PageMaker Select the “Text” tool from the Toolbox. Click your cursor at the beginning of text that you want to edit or format. Highlight text by dragging the cursor across all the text you want to work on.

Which tool in PageMaker drags a page around?

Pointer tool is used to pick, drag and drop graphics and text. Text Tool is used to edit and select text and insert text frames. Click the text tool and click anywhere in the document and start entering text. The text tool creating a free flowing text box.