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What are vote keys in Minecraft?

What are vote keys in Minecraft?

Voting Treasures are a type of Treasure. They can be opened with Voting Keys that can be obtained only from voting for the server. Each vote grants 1 Key that can open 1 Voting Treasure. The rewards are different on each sub-server.

How do I vote for Minehut?

You simply need to link your Minehut panel account to your Minecraft account and then vote using this link,

How do you vote on Minecraft servers?

How do I vote for a server? Visit the page of the server you wish to vote for and click the green vote button. You will then be required to enter your Minecraft username and complete a Captcha.

What is the IP for Central?

Best Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Central
Owner n12jnidan23
Status online

How do you open a vote crate?

Just go to spawn and right-click the vote chest with the keys in your hand.

How do you use voting keys on OneBlock?

Vote rewards The rewards vary by each server, however, usually you will receive a Vote Crate Key on every site. You can redeem it by running ‘/crates’ in-game to warp to the crates area. Simply right-click the crate to spin it for a reward!

Can you get Minehut credits for free?

Unfortunately there are only 3 methods of getting free credits. Watch the promo, this will earn you a free 50 credits. /vote daily for a free 25 credits. Join us in events which are announced via the minehut discord ( we frequently host events that reward users credits.

What is Minehuts IP?

The server IP address for Minehut is

How do you vote more than once on Minecraft servers?

Rather than vote on all 6 at once, use the first three to vote for your main, your alt, and your brother in the morning. Then at night, vote on the last three to vote for your main, your alt, and your brother. This will spread out the votes.

What is the server IP of MCC?

The founders and current Owners are alex_markey and vislo. The IP used to connect to the server is and the official website of the server is