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What cool things can you do with a magnet?

What cool things can you do with a magnet?

  • 1Find True North with a Magnet.
  • 2Use a Magnet to Locate Studs in a Wall.
  • 3Keep Chip Bags Sealed with Magnets.
  • 4Make a Handy Magnetized Fridge Pen.
  • 5Pick Up Metal Things with a Magnet.
  • 6Rescue Items from a Drain with a Magnet.
  • 7Design with Magnetized Paint & Polish.
  • 8Seal a Vent with a Magnetic Sheet.

How are magnets used in magic tricks?

Magicians can create magic by levitating objects using magnets. Pictured on the right is a very simple levitation trick involving circular magnets and 4 square magnets. When the magnets are properly aligned to repel each other levitation occurs.

What is Magcard?

a plastic or paper card with a magnetizable layer on which data can be recorded and from which data can be read. such a card used in access-control systems, as for automatically unlocking doors. Also called magnetic card.

What is the Zig Zag Girl Magic Trick?

Zig-zag girl In this trick, a woman steps into a cabinet and then the mid-section of the cabinet is pushed out of alignment. Explanation: Unlike many illusions, this magic trick doesn’t require secret compartments or trap doors.

What’s the most common way a magician does a trick?

This is one of the most common tricks you see in shows and even on the streets. The magician takes a coin in his fist and closes it. He then opens the palm and the coin is gone. Explanation: The magician applies chapstick glue to the back of his hand. He moves the coin to the back of his hand where it sticks!

Can you use a magnet to take batteries out?

The worst offenders are electronic toys that take (say) half a dozen AA batteries, all of which must be inserted with the correct orientation– spring side first– and pried out, well, somehow. Rather than risk puncturing your batteries by prying them out with something pointy, just use a magnet to lift them out.

What can you do with a magnet in a fridge?

Slip a small magnet underneath the metal clip on a pen (these uniballs are our favorite) and you can keep a pen handy on the fridge for your shopping list and phone messages. All kinds of cool industrial machines from photocopiers to deep fat fryers have magnetic safety interlocks to prevent the machine from working with the cover open.