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What Day Is Staten Island Zoo free?

What Day Is Staten Island Zoo free?

Zoo members must show their Membership Card & Photo ID for Admission. Admission is FREE after 2 pm on Wednesdays. Parking is FREE every day. Every year, the Staten Island Zoo receives many inquiries from people who would like to donate wild animals or exotic pets; however, the zoo is not able to accept them.

Are masks required at the Staten Island Zoo?

All Visitors and staff are required to wear a face covering while visiting indoor exhibits, the Zoo Cafe, and indoor facilities including our auditorium, events tent, and restrooms.

What does the Staten Island Zoo Honor?

The history of the Staten Island Zoo (Barrett Park) can be traced back to three Staten Island War heroes: Colonel Edward Harden, Colonel Richard Penn Smith, and Major Clarence Barrett.

What kind of animals are at the Staten Island Zoo?

The Zoo’s collection has nearly doubled over the last two years and features over 350 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates from six of the world’s seven continents. A leader in wildlife conservation, the Zoo maintains more than 70 endangered or threatened species.

Do you need ID to enter the zoo?

Visitors with Additional Needs Please bring relevant ID and documentation, such as an IAA Autism ID card, or an associated membership card which confirms the visitor is unable to visit Dublin Zoo independently without the aid of a carer or mobility aid.

Does Staten Island Zoo take cool culture?

The Staten Island Zoo no longer participates in the Cool Culture program. In accordance with NYC executive order No. 225, starting September 13th, COVID-19 vaccination will be required for all guests 12+ to enter the Zoo. Masks will remain required while visiting all indoor exhibits and facilities.

Does Staten Island Zoo have parking?

Facilities Available – Staten Island Zoo. Free parking lot for cars and buses.

How many zoos are in New York?

five zoos
New York City has five zoos in all — or one per borough — along with one extraordinary aquarium. With the exception of the Staten Island Zoo, the wildlife centers listed below are managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, which supports and promotes conservation efforts around the world.

When did Staten Island Zoo open?

June 10, 1936
Staten Island Zoo/Opened

The earliest animals to inhabit the zoo were housed in a barn on the site during construction of the facility, which opened on June 10, 1936. But since its opening in 1936, the Staten Island Zoo has been best known for its snakes.

How many animals are in the Staten Island Zoo?

Staten Island Zoo/Number of animals

Do u have to wear a mask in Dublin Zoo?

Open daily from 9.30am – 5.30pm In line with the latest government directives, face coverings will be worn by our retail staff and must be worn by all customers when in the Dublin Zoo Gift Shop.

What months is Tayto Park open?

Opening Times 2021

Month Opening Times

How to contact the Smithsonian’s National Zoo police?

Media Inquiries: 202-633-3055; Please visit the Newsroom for more information. Lost and Found: For items you may have accidentally left at the Zoo, please call the Zoo Police at 202-633-4134, or visit the Police Office off Olmsted Walk behind Reptile Discovery Center.

How many stars does the Staten Island Zoo get?

If you go to see animal, it will be 2 stars, however, if you are expecting to see snakes, it will be 5 starS. I have never visited zoo which has so plentiful of snakes and where they let you touch it. I don’t think such zoo exist anywhere else than here.

Is the Staten Island Zoo ground hogs day?

Came out for ground hogs day to the Staten Island zoo to see the staten island chuck for the predictions of an early spriNg or an additionaL 6 weeks of winter. Definitely a fantastic ceremony for an old tradition This zoo is kinda interesting, depending what you want to see, evaluation of this zoo will change.

Is the Staten Island Zoo an aza Zoo?

This zoo is AZA accredited so you get into other AZA zoos for free or discounted admission. There are a few zoos nearby that accept their membership card, like the TurtleBack Zoo. You also get discounts and early ticket buying access to their special events. Pretty cute zoo that has what the zoo requires and very educational for kids.