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What did the Michelson Morley experiment demonstrate?

What did the Michelson Morley experiment demonstrate?

The Michelson–Morley experiment was a scientific experiment to test for the presence and properties of a substance called aether. This was thought hypothetically to fill empty space. The experiment showed the substance did not exist.

What was the main objective of Michelson Morley experiment?

The main objective of this experiment was to prove the existence of the medium in which light propagated: the luminiferous aether. This simulation allows the user to experiment with the interferometer by changing the speed of light and rotating its plane.

Does the aether exist?

The aether exists and it is the medium for propagating light and other longitudinal and transverse (electromagnetic) waves across the universe. It is the fabric of our universe, consisting of tiny granules that transfer energy in the form of waves.

Who discovered the speed of light?

astronomer Ole Roemer
In 1676, the Danish astronomer Ole Roemer (1644–1710) became the first person to measure the speed of light. Roemer measured the speed of light by timing eclipses of Jupiter’s moon Io.

What was the purpose of the Michelson Morley experiment?

The Michelson-Morley experiment (circa 1885) was performed to detect the Earth’s motion through the ether as follows: The viewer will see the two beams of light which have traveled along different 2.2 The Michelson-Morley Experiment 2 arms display some interference pattern.

What happens if the results of Michelson and Morley do not match?

If the theory and experiments results matched, then it is alright. If it does not, then either theory is wrong or experiment. So students, now assume you are Michelson and Morley and you are doing the theoretical calculations in your respective copies.

When did Edward Morley start working with Michelson?

In 1885, Michelson began a collaboration with Edward Morley, spending considerable time and money to confirm with higher accuracy Fizeau’s 1851 experiment on Fresnel’s drag coefficient, to improve on Michelson’s 1881 experiment, and to establish the wavelength of light as a standard of length.

When did Michelson do his first light speed experiment?

In 1877, while teaching at his alma mater, the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Michelson conducted his first known light speed experiments as a part of a classroom demonstration. In 1881, he left active U.S. Naval service while in Germany concluding his studies.