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What do Mondoshawans look like?

What do Mondoshawans look like?

Little is known of what the Mondoshawan actually look like as they are only seen wearing an impenetrable gold-metallic armour. At some point in Ancient History, the Mondoshawan visted the Humans “before time was time”. In The Divine Language, the word ‘Mondoshawan’ translates as ‘guardians’.

What were the aliens called in Fifth Element?

Plot. In 1914, aliens known as Mondoshawans meet their human contact, a priest of a secret order, at an ancient Egyptian temple. They take, for safekeeping, the only weapon capable of defeating a great evil which appears every 5,000 years.

Who is Mr Shadow in The Fifth Element?

The Great Evil
“The Great Evil” or as he refers to himself, “Mr. Shadow”, is a moon-sized star-like entity, bent on the destruction of all life everywhere. He possesses many abilities, which include the following: Indestructibility (conventionally) – When Mr.

What is the black stuff in The Fifth Element?

It’s blood. It’s simply darker than normal to indicate an even more sinister being. When Zorg (Gary Oldman) is called by Mr. Shadow, he starts to bleed it, suggesting that the mere force of evil in Mr.

Who was the bad guy in The Fifth Element?

Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg
But the truth is that none of The Fifth Element’s many marvelous pieces would’ve mattered at all if it weren’t for the force bringing them all together: the movie’s villain; Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg.

Is Leeloo human?

However, as stated by the Diva Plavalaguna as she died, Leeloo was still physically human, and required Korben’s love and support to complete her mission. In fact, it was only due to Korben expressing his love for her that Leeloo mustered the strength to create the Divine Light.

What is the black stuff in Fifth Element?

It is not blood. It is a substance that reveals the presence of evil force, a condensation from surrounding air combined with some sinister force that is making it look that horrendous. It is there to remind that this force has a real presence and that the closer you are to it, the darker the reality becomes.

What does Leeloo mean?

Meaning & History Perhaps based on the French Lilou. Leeloo is the heroine of the 1997 sci-fi movie “The Fifth Element”. Leeloo is her nickname, her full name being Leeloominaï, which is revealed to mean “precious stones” in Leeloo’s (fictional) mother tongue, the Divine Language. Home » Submitted Names.

Where did the mondoshawan come from and why?

They appear peaceful, having no obvious weapons on their ships or suits. In 1914 a Mondoshawan vessel landed at an ancient archaeological dig site in Egypt; they knew that war was coming and would not risk the fifth element’s destruction, telling the priest who had awaited their arrival that “in 300 years when evil returns, so shall we”.

How tall are the mondoshawan in Star Trek?

The Mondoshawan are a peaceful and ancient sapient race which appear to be similar in anatomical structure to grounded avians. Little is known of their biology, only that they wear metal suits and that inside them they stand at roughly 7ft tall.

What does mondoshawan mean in the Fifth Element?

Evil attempted to destroy the world 5000 years prior to the events of The Fifth Element, possibly multiple times – and perhaps even causing the Moon to form around Earth. In The Divine Language, the word ‘Mondoshawan’ translates as ‘guardians’.