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What do you mean tactics?

What do you mean tactics?

Tactics are the specific actions or steps you undertake to accomplish your strategy. For example, in a war, a nation’s strategy might be to win the hearts and minds of the opponent’s civilian population. To achieve this they could use tactics such as radio broadcasts or building hospitals.

What are the types of tactics?

Types of Tactical Aims and Actions


What does tactical mean in military?

Military tactics encompasses the art of organizing and employing fighting forces on or near the battlefield. They involve the application of four battlefield functions which are closely related – kinetic or firepower, mobility, protection or security, and shock action.

What is the aim of tactics?

A tactic is a conceptual action or short series of actions with the aim of achieving of a short-term goal. This action can be implemented as one or more specific tasks. The term is commonly used in business, protest and military contexts, as well as in chess, sports or other competitive activities.

What are the features of tactics?

Tactics are much more concrete and are often oriented toward smaller steps and a shorter time frame along the way. They involve best practices, specific plans, resources, etc. They’re also called “initiatives.”

What are good tactics?

What makes a good tactic? A good tactic has a clear purpose that aids your strategy. It has a finite timeline during which specific activities will be completed and their impacts measured.

Who invented tactics?

Gustav II Adolf, king of Sweden (r. 1611-32), has been called the father of modern tactics because he reintroduced maneuver into military science.

What tactics does the military use?


  • Charge. Highland charge.
  • Ambush.
  • Skirmish.
  • Trench raiding.
  • Peaceful penetration.
  • Rapid dominance.
  • Planned attack.
  • Interdiction – severing or disrupting lines of communication and supply.