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What does a roustabout do on an oil rig?

What does a roustabout do on an oil rig?

Roustabouts are commonly hired to ensure that the skilled personnel that run an expensive drilling rig are not distracted by peripheral tasks, ranging from cleaning up location to cleaning threads to digging trenches to scraping and painting rig components.

What are the job duties of a roustabout?

Sample tasks include clearing trees and brush, mixing concrete, manually loading and unloading pipe and other materials onto or from trucks or boats, and assembling pumps, boilers, valves, and steam engines and performing minor repairs on such equipment.

What are the positions on an oil rig?

A typical oil rig has a team consisting of Floorhand, Motorman, Derrickman, and Driller. The team is headed by an Oil Rig Manager. If you are just starting in this industry, you would most likely get the entry-level position, which is the Floorhand position or roustabout.

What skills do you need to work on an oil rig?

For some reason, oil companies don’t want to employ people drugged out of their minds to work on a flammable oil rig. Other qualifications that help your chances include good depth perception, eye-hand coordination, physical strength, interpersonal skills, and an eye for details.

What is the highest position on an oil rig?

Oil field roughnecks

  • Toolpusher: The highest position at the drilling location, responsible for every crew.
  • Driller: The head of an individual crew, responsible for controlling a rig’s machinery during drilling, as well as most other rig operations.

Do you have to be smart to work on an oil rig?

Before you leave To apply for the most menial job on a platform, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or an equivalent education certificate. Smoking and drinking are banned on offshore platforms, so the absence of these habits is an advantage.