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What does mo oku auhau mean?

What does mo oku auhau mean?

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – The Hawaiian Word of the Day is mo’oku’auhau. In pre-colonial Hawaiian society mo’oku’auhau, or genealogy, was paramount. The Hawaiian Word of the Day is mo’oku’auhau.

What is Mookuauhau in Hawaiian?

MOO-KU-AU-HAU s. Moo and kuauhau, a tax. A story or history or genealogy of the ancestors. NOTE. —The mookuauhau has several sources; some believed Kumulipo to stand at the head; others, Paliku; others, Ololo; others, Puanue; others, Kapohihi.

What is Pilina?

1. n., Association, relationship, union, connection, meeting, joining, adhering, fitting. Examples: He pilina wehena ʻole, an unseverable relationship.

Who wrote the Kumulipo?

In 1889, King Kalākaua printed a sixty-page pamphlet of the Kumulipo. Attached to the pamphlet was a 2-page paper on how the chant was originally composed and recited. Years later Queen Liliʻuokalani described the chant as a prayer of the development of the universe and the ancestry of the Hawaiians.

What does paliku mean in Hawaiian?

Paliku (pă’-lĭ-kū’), n. An ancient order of priests on Hawaii, who are said to have come originally from Paliku, a foreign country; another order was called ka Nalu.

What does Pilina mean to you?

association, relationship and connection
The word Pilina means association, relationship and connection. Pilina is similar to the word pili which means binded together and connected.

Which comes first Kumulipo?

The Kumulipo is divided into sixteen wā, sections. The first seven wā fall under the section of pō (darkness), the age of spirit. The Earth may or may not exist, but the events described do not take place in a physical universe. The words show the development of life as it goes through similar stages as a human child.

Who was the Kumulipo recited for?

James Cook when he landed at Kealakekua, Hawai’i, in January, 1779. It is believed that the Kumulipo was recited to Capt. Cook as he was given treatment worthy of an akua. The Kumulipo is divided into two main sections (põ and ao) with a total of sixteen wā, or sections based on time periods.

What does Malika mean in Hawaiian?

Meaning, Origin and Description Meaning: flower, queen. Means: Queen.

What kuleana means?

The word itself means “responsibility,” but in a deeper sense that covers a reciprocal relationship between the person who is responsible and the thing that they are responsible for.

What does Kapilina mean?

Ka Pilina – Our Love and Intimacy.