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What does NAfME stand for?

What does NAfME stand for?

National Association for Music Education
National Association for Music Education (NAfME)

What are the four NAfME music standards?

③ Improvising melodies, variations, and accompaniments. ④ Composing and arranging music within specified guidelines. ⑤ Reading and notating music. ⑥ Listening to, analyzing, and describing music.

How much does it cost to join NAfME?


California $42.00 $42.00
Canada $42.00 $42.00
Colorado $42.00 $42.00
Connecticut $42.00 $42.00

Who founded NAfME?

Hamlin Cogswell
It has approximately 45,000 members, and NAfME’s headquarters are located in Reston, Virginia….National Association for Music Education.

Abbreviation NAfME
Formation 1907
Founder Hamlin Cogswell
Founded at Keokuk, Iowa
Type 501(c)(3) organization

Who was the first music teacher?

Lowell Mason
This handbook gradually became used by many singing school teachers. From 1837 to 1838, the Boston School Committee allowed Lowell Mason to teach music in the Hawes School as a demonstration. This is regarded as the first time music education was introduced to public schools in the United States.

Why is music education so important?

Music education is an important aspect of providing children with a well-rounded education. When allowed to work in harmony with other subjects and areas of study, music helps children grow in self-esteem, build essential skills and prepare for bright futures.

What are the music standards?

In music, a standard is a musical composition of established popularity, considered part of the “standard repertoire” of one or several genres. Standards exist in the classical, popular and folk music traditions of all cultures.

Are there common core standards for music?

One major shift for music teachers in the new Common Core State Standards will be the responsibility to provide literacy support to their students. Under the new standards, music is viewed as a language, and the Common Core Anchor Standards apply to all “technical subjects,” where music is housed.

How do I renew my NAfME membership?

Advisors should instruct students to join, renew, and manage their own payment online at by logging in using their Member ID and email, or, by contacting Member services at [email protected] or 800-336-3768.

How many members does NAfME have?

130,000 members
History – Founded in 1907 with 64 members, the Association has grown to more than 130,000 members, including active music teachers, university faculty and researchers, college students preparing to be teachers, high school honor society members and MusicFriends.

When did MENC change to NAfME?

September 1, 2011
2011: On September 1, 2011, the Association dropped MENC from its name and became the National Association for Music Education (NAfME).

What is the best way to teach music?

Where to Teach Music Lessons

  1. Community school/studio. As of now, my favorite place to teach music lessons is through a community school or studio.
  2. Your studio or home.
  3. Students’ homes.
  4. Online.
  5. Choose instruments wisely.
  6. Use method books.
  7. Keep learning.

What does NAfME stand for in music education?

We are a music education nation working together to keep music and the other arts strong in our schools! NAfME is collaborating with like-minded organizations to create advocacy campaigns, influence policy decisions, and spread hope. Thank you for supporting each other and our students during these challenging times.

What do you need to know about NAfME Phase II?

New! 5-10-21 Return to Music: Phase II Guidance and Resources from NAfME and NFHS to help music educators as they plan their return to the physical classroom. Arts Education Is Essential: As policymakers plan for school reopening in the fall, NAfME joined 52 other organizations in a statement that supports an arts education for all students.

Who are the members of the National Association for music education?

By NAfME Member Amalia Allan Amalia Allan presented on “Autism 101: Lessons and Strategies for Music Educators” during the NAfME 2021 PreK–12 Learning Collaborative in February 2021. Autism prevalence rates have been gradually rising, thus increasing the chances of having students with autism in music classrooms.

Where do I Find my Dues for NAfME?

Find Your Dues: Use our dues calculator below to identify your NAfME and State Music Education Association (MEA) dues amount. After you see your dues, click JOIN or RENEW to continue.