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What does Nenuco smell like?

What does Nenuco smell like?

Nenuco, which combines a traditional Spanish cologne-like quality (consider the the stringent lemon Agua de Colonia and the muggy smelling Varon Dandy) with a lemony laundry smell, is one of them.

Where is Nenuco from?

Nenuco Cologne (Agua De Colonia) is a very popular cologne in Spain.

Who makes Nenuco?

‎Reckitt Benckiser
Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Reckitt Benckiser
Item weight ‎1.3 Kilograms
Brand ‎Nenuco
Format ‎Liquid
Scent ‎Fresh

How do you use Agua de Colonia?

Agua de Colonia translates to ‘Eau de Cologne’. Probably the most common ways to use Eau de Cologne are: Splash a little on your palms and rub this onto the sides and back of your neck. Wiping down kitchen worktops (removes tiny splashes of grease, and tea stains!)

How do I read my Nenuco expiry date?

The expiration of Nenuco products is indicated by the symbol PAO (period after opening), which indicates the time that the product is safe and can be used without harm to your baby and your family once it is open. And products that do not contain the PAO, have the expiration date printed.

Is Nenuco mosquito repellent?

– Origially designed as a splash cologne, it has been used by Spanish families since 1939 to use on their babies skin and hair after bath time. -Can be effective in the prevention of Headlice and Mosquito bites.

Is Nenuco safe?

All Nenuco products have passed strict controls are safe to apply directly on the skin. However, if you prefer you might also first spray your hands with the cologne and apply on your baby’s clothes.

Does Nenuco expire?

What fragrance is Nenuco?

Agua de Colonia by Nenuco is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for women and men.

How do you read a Nenuco expiry?

What does Agua de Colonia smell like?

According to the company, Agua de Colonia Concentrada is “a very fresh, clean and natural-smelling cologne enhanced with carefully chosen essences of Mediterranean plants, flowers and fruit”; its official notes are Spanish lavender, lemon, geranium, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, English lavender and bergamot.

Are there any Nenuco products in the UK?

Nenuco are an extremely popular brand from Spain and we are proud to specialise in selling Nenuco in the UK. Nenuco products are fantastic products which have been recommended by the Spanish institute of Pediatricians meaning they are perfect for babies and adults with sensitive skin issues.

Which is the best Nenuco bath soap to buy?

Nenuco Jabon Liquido is a lovely bath soap infused with the lemo.. Stimulation of the senses thanks to its soft texture, smell and your pampering that you like so much.. Nenuco Cologne (Agua de colonia) is a very popular cologne in Spain. Tested and recommended by..

Which is the best brand of Nenuco fabric conditioner?

The Nenuco Flor Fabric Conditioner serves around 45 washes per bottle. This comes in 1.1 litre.. Nenuco are one of the best Spanish brands around. The Nenuco Handwipes come with around 20 han..

Is there a Nenuco essential oil mist dispenser?

The Nenuco Essential Oils mist dispenser is wonderful. Sending out a beautiful mist of gorgeou.. This is the Air Wick Nenuco FreshMatic Dispenser – comes with 1 can of Nenuco Dispenser refill in th.. This is the Airwick Freshmatic Nenuco refills.