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What does RVM mean in a car?

What does RVM mean in a car?

Rear Vehicle Monitoring System
The Rear Vehicle Monitoring System (RVM) uses a rear bumper-mounted quasi-milliwave radar to measure the distance to cars approaching from behind or in neighboring lanes. The system accurately detects vehicles approaching from behind during high-speed driving.

What is a rear vehicle monitoring system?

Working of Rear Vehicle Monitoring system: This system uses a quasi-milliwave radar mounted on the rear bumper of the vehicle. This radar measures the distance of cars approaching from behind. To avoid such situations, Rear-Vehicle-Monitoring system continuously monitors the traffic behind.

What is I stop on Mazda?

i-stop is a smart technology that saves fuel by switching off the engine when the car stops. Idling stop systems save fuel by automatically shutting down the engine when the vehicle is static and restarting it when the vehicle returns to motion.

What does RVM stand for?


Acronym Definition
RVM Ruby Version Manager (software)
RVM Remote Volume Mirroring
RVM Research Virtual Machine
RVM Reverse Vending Machine

What is Mazda etc?

ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) is an automatic cashless payment system for passing through toll gates.

What is Mazda blind spot monitoring?

Mazda’s Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) uses radars mounted in the rear bumper to detect vehicles approaching from behind and in the adjacent lane. It alerts drivers to the presence of vehicles in the blind spot on either side by displaying an icon in the appropriate door mirror.

Is Istop bad for engine?

Stop/Start systems aren’t as potentially damaging as cold starts, though, simply because the engine isn’t cold. If the engine is off long enough to reduce engine temperature significantly, the engine will automatically restart.

Can you turn off skyactiv?

I-stop is apart of of Mazda’s SkyActiv technology whose main purpose is improve fuel economy and enhance driver performance. Turn off: For whatever reason, if you do not want i-stop turned on, you can simply press the “i-stop off” button on the right side of your dash, and it will switch off.

What is RVM price?

RVM = Realtors Valuation Model – a value estimate calculated using publicly available information plus MLS active, sold and off market data.

What does RVM stand for after a name?

The Royal Victorian Medal
The Royal Victorian Medal (RVM) is a decoration established by Queen Victoria in April 1896. On 14 May 1912, King George V further confirmed the institution of the medal with an additional royal warrant.

What is a ETC reader?

So what is it? This is an electronic toll collection system / box / device. Some cars have them built in, but most have them added afterwards. The second picture shows the factory fitted ETC card slot on a Toyota Alphard.

What is ETC Japan?

ETC is a system for paying tolls by wireless communication between antenna on expressway tollgates and in-vehicle ETC equipment.

What kind of rear ends are used in drag racing?

Performance Rear Ends (Complete Rear Ends For Drag Racing) Strange Engineering has been making high performance rear end components and axles for over 50 years. Strange has proven itself as the leader in manufacturing race rear ends from street to Top Fuel applications.

Which is the best rear end assembly company?

Moser Engineering prides itself on delivering the best engineered and most complete rear assemblies for the highest end builds with the fastest custom builds in the country. Moser has been leading the competition since 1986 and continues to provide industry leading products.

What kind of rear ends do Moser trucks use?

Built to exacting Moser standards, this is the 8.8 you have been waiting for! Developed for Transfer Truck pulling classes we start with 4340 Alloy Axles and also offer optional hub kits that utilize Chrome-Moly drive flanges and aluminum caps in standard or over-sized safety caps…. Welcome To The New Moser Engineering Webstore!