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What drink goes well with Indian food?

What drink goes well with Indian food?

Six drinks you might not have thought of pairing with Indian food

  • Beers that that are not lager.
  • Cider.
  • Aromatic wines such as riesling, pinot gris and gewürztraminer are generally considered the ideal wines to pair with Indian food but they’re not the only game in town.
  • Sauvignon blanc.
  • Chardonnay.
  • Red wine.

What wine goes with curry?

Dry, rich whites with mild creamy curries: Fruity, unoaked or lightly oaked Chardonnay, like those from Australia or cooler parts of California have enough body to pair with creamier curries. If you don’t mind exceptionally floral, fragrant wines, try Gewürztraminer, which smells like rose petals and tropical fruit.

What white wine goes with Indian food?

White wine with white meat and red with red meat holds good when it comes to most cuisines but in India maybe pairing the wine with net result of (all the spices blending, cooking and garnishing) the dish like spicy or tangy or sweet or creamy rather than pairing it with just one ingredient like meat, fish or poultry …

Does red wine go with tikka masala?

Chicken tikka masala Some of the wines that match well with tikka dishes are Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, sweet Riesling, Syrah, Beaujolais, red and white Cotes du Rhone or Rhone-style wines.

What non alcoholic drink goes with Indian food?

25 + Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks

  • Blackcurrant Apple Mocktail by Sandhya’s Kitchen. Lychee Ginger Cooler by The Missing Lokness.
  • Tropical Slushie by My Kitchen Craze.
  • Roasted Peach & Strawberry Fizz by Use Your Noodles.
  • Sugar Free Skinny Lemonade by Cooking LSL.
  • Peach Iced Tea by Sweet & Savory by Shinee.

What do you drink with Indian curry?

Perfect Pairings: Drinking with curry

  • Lassi. This yoghurt-based drink – a traditional way to keep cool and fed on the Subcontinent – bursts with taste combinations, a world away from bland beer.
  • Whisky.
  • IPA.
  • Wine.
  • Cider.

What red wine is good with Indian food?

Meat curries match well with a red such as a full-bodied Pinot Noir or more delicate Shiraz. Chicken, seafood, and vegetable curries, on the other hand, go quite nicely with the acidity and fruitiness of a Pinot Grigio or Gewürztraminer. Again, make sure to keep the sauce and spice level in mind.

What alcoholic drink goes with curry?

What is the best side dish for wine?

7 Indian Dishes That Work Like Magic With Wines

  • Papdi Chaat with a Sparkling Wine.
  • Aloo Poori with Sula Chardonnay.
  • Paneer Tikka with Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Galouti Kebab with Pinot Noir.
  • Biryani with a Sangiovese.
  • Gulab Jamun with Port Wine.
  • Kheer with an Indian Chenin Blanc.

Which food is best for wine?

Keep reading for 11 delicious food and wine pairings.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Pairs with Steak and Other Red Meats.
  • Moscato d’Asti Pairs with Fruits.
  • Burgundy Pairs with Earthy Dishes.
  • Syrah Pairs with Spicy Meats.
  • Chardonnay Pairs with Delicate Chicken or Pork Dishes.
  • Zinfandel Pairs with Salty Snacks Like Pretzels or Chips.

What kind of wine goes well with tikka masala?

One of the best wines to pair with tikka masala is a hearty Riesling. The fruity notes and bright acidity of the wine help to carry the spices in the dish and balance its richness. Other excellent options include Pinot Grigio and Gewürztraminer.

What are the best wines for Indian food?

Here are some of the popular wines chosen to pair with Indian and South Asian cuisine: Gewürztraminer – A white wine from the region of Alsace in France which is mildly sweet. Sauvignon Blanc, Cotes Du Rhone or Australian Shiraz – Good accompaniment for tikka dishes and tandoori Prawns and paneer dishes. Riesling – White German type is the best. Rose – These wines are pretty dry.

What kind of alcohol goes with Indian food?

Champagne: Sparkling wines, like Champagne can be paired with several types of Indian dishes, including vegetarian. If you have a rich & creamy curry , or something heavy like paneer and potatoes, Champagne goes well with it, as it offers a nice change-of-taste due to its bubbly acidic texture.

What wine goes best with spicy food?

Look for wines that are refreshing and have a crisp acidity. The acidity in a wine will help to brighten the flavors in the dish and provide a refreshing contract to the heat. Wines such a sauvignon blanc or Champagne work nicely with spicy foods such as those found in Indian cuisine .

What is a good snack for wine?

Chocolate is one of the sweetest snacks to serve with wine! Plain dark chocolate is amazing with either white or red wine, and richer truffle varieties are great with drier wines.