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What exactly happened in Syria?

What exactly happened in Syria?

In the chaos of fighting between the government and anti-government fighters, IS took over large parts of Iraq and then moved into eastern Syria, where they were able to gain land and power. By March 2019, IS had lost control of all the land they once occupied.

Why did the Syrian war happen?

The war started in 2011, when Syrians enraged by corruption and emboldened by a wave of “Arab Spring” protests across the region took to the streets to demand democratic accountability for their leaders. The chaos of the war allowed ISIS, al Qaeda and other terror groups to seize more than 70% of Syria’s territory.

How was life in Syria before the war?

Before war, Syrian people had stable lives, nobody needed something. War started off in Daraa, Homs… but arrived to Damascus after a year and a half approximatively. Things were normal in my city, we used to hear about war in other regions, though we cannot help it. It is greater than our ability.

Is war in Syria over?

The fighting is not yet fully over, though, with the northwestern Idlib region remaining outside of government control.

How did the Syrian war effect people?

Collapsed infrastructure: Within Syria, only 53% of hospitals and 51% of healthcare facilities are fully functional, and more than 8 million people lack access to safe water. An estimated 2.4 million children are out of school. Conflict has shattered the economy, and more than 80% of the population lives in poverty.

Why did Syria protest?

The Syrian uprising started as a reaction to the Arab Spring, a series of anti-government protests across the Arab world inspired by the fall of the Tunisian regime in early 2011. But at the root of the conflict was anger over unemployment, decades of dictatorship, corruption and state violence under one of the Middle East’s most repressive regimes.

What countries are involved in the Syrian conflict?

Over a dozen countries are “involved” in the Syrian war in one way or another. (Russia, Britain, France, United States, Australia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Israel).

What were the causes of the Syrian Civil War?

The cause of the Syrian civil war rose from the demonstrations against government. As in every armed conflict the trigger was the use of brutal force against unarmed protestants . The cause of this war follows also from the bad living conditions in the country of Syria, but that would be another story.

What is the cause of the Syrian conflict?

Syrian war is an ongoing conflict in Syria which started in 2011 when Syrian people started protesting against the repressive regime of Assad . This was triggered by the arrest and torture of some students who painted anti government slogan.