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What happened to Josh and Andi on MKR?

What happened to Josh and Andi on MKR?

Josh Maldenis and Andi Thomas had to hide the pregnancy during filming and subsequent promotional appearances. “Once we both made that decision to go, we went straight into the bosses and said ‘We’re having a baby, I’ve been pregnant for a little while and we don’t think it’s safe to continue’.”

Who is Sophia from MKR?

She was one of the most controversial contestants in the history of My Kitchen Rules. And six years after debuting on the Seven franchise, Sophia Pou, 36, has confirmed she will star on the revamped season of MKR: The Rivals this year.

Who was kicked out of My Kitchen Rules?

This week, Australian Twitter ignited with outrage after My Kitchen Rules contestants Sonya and Hadil, known as “The Jordanians” on the show, were unceremoniously booted from the “dinner table” and the program, for “bullying” other contestants. We have a contradictory relationship with “reality” television.

Did Dan and Steph have a second baby?

Their second baby, a restaurant called Eat at Dan and Steph’s, is still being run by them in Hervey Bay, Queensland after opening 2014.

What are Dan and Steph doing now?

Since taking out the title of ‘Champions’ in 2013, they have continued to work extremely hard over the years on goals they have set for themselves. Dan & Steph have opened their own restaurant called EAT at Dan & Steph’s in their home town of Hervey Bay Queensland.

Did Sophia and Romel leave MKR?

“I definitely don’t have any regrets,” Romel said. “There was so much more that happened that obviously can’t be shown, and we definitely felt very betrayed by our own house, and especially certain members – so feeling betrayed, we decided to leave.

Who are Josh and Andi from my Kitchen Rules?

MKR’s Josh and Andi are having a baby so soon after starring in My Kitchen Rules. The dating hipsters from WA have been together for two and a half years. They have kept the news secret, even at the January 30 launch of the show. We wish the couple all […]

What did Amy say to Josh on MKR?

‘Don’t be a d*** or I’ll walk out on you and never do this,’ she replied, before storming out of the kitchen. Twitter users voiced how disgusted they were with Josh’s words.

What did Josh and Austin serve on MKR?

On Sunday’s episode, Manu gave the home-schooled brothers a grilling at their Instant Restaurant, after they took four-and-a-half hours to deliver their main course. Josh and Austin served chicken lollipops and garlic mashed potato for their main, but their chicken was raw and their mash was described as ‘watery’.

Who are the winners of my Kitchen Rules 2013?

SPOILER ALERT, scroll down for the winner of MKR 2013 Dan and Steph are the winners of My Kitchen Rules 2013!! Dan and Steph take out a well deserved win with their 5 course meal […] Who Wins MKR 2013? The winner of My Kitchen Rules has been kept under tight wraps, with confirmation that Channel 7 have actually filmed two different endings.