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What happened to Kate Parker Weather Channel?

What happened to Kate Parker Weather Channel?

She left The Weather Channel television network in early 2016. As of Labor Day weekend in 2019, she has been noticed contributing to, particularly in presenting and analyzing information about Hurricane Dorian.

Who were the original Weather Channel meteorologists?

The channel’s three original on-camera weather presenters were Paola Elorza, Sal Morales, and Mari Carmen Ramos; all three left the channel within a year of its launch and respectively went on to work for Univision in Miami, Telemundo in Los Angeles, and CNN International in Atlanta.

Who is Kait Parker married to?

Michael Lowry
Kait Parker/Spouse

Who is the new weather girl on WPTV?

Kate Wentzel joined the WPTV First Alert weather team in March 2021. She returns to WPTV after first working at NewsChannel 5 as an assignment desk editor in the late 1990s. Born in San Diego, Kate spent most of her childhood in the Midwest, both in the suburbs of Cleveland and Chicago.

Who is Kate Wentzel?

What happened to Glenn Glazer?

First Alert Meteorologist Glenn Glazer signs off after more than 20 years at WPTV. — After 20 years navigating South Florida through hurricanes, tropical storms and the typical afternoon thunderstorms, WPTV meteorologist Glenn Glazer is saying goodbye. Glazer is leaving the station, where he has worked since the 1990s.

Did Stephanie Abrams have a baby?

Stephanie Abrams’s Boyfriend. The couple has not shared any child. She has been serving in the journalism industry for seventeen years. Abrams graduated with the geography and mathematics from the University of Florida.

Who is the black lady on The Weather Channel?

Vivian Brown (meteorologist)

Vivian Brown
Born Greenville, Mississippi
Education Jackson State University, (B.S., Meteorology, 1986)
Occupation Television Meteorologist
Known for The Weather Channel

What happened to Glenn Glazer meteorologist?

But he said goodbye to that on Friday. Glazer, who lives in Jupiter with his wife Tasha and children Jude, 7, and Gwen, 4, is going into the air conditioning business with two friends who started the company Temperature Control Solutions, or TCS, two years ago with a shoestring budget and grit.