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What happened to Kevin Tighe from emergency?

What happened to Kevin Tighe from emergency?

After the cancellation of Emergency!, Tighe continued to work in episodic television, appearing on Ellery Queen, Cos, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, The Six Million Dollar Man, and The Love Boat.

Who played Henry Janeway?

Kevin Tighe
Kevin Tighe (born 13 August 1944; age 77) is the actor who played the role of Henry Janeway in the Star Trek: Voyager fifth season episode “11:59”. Tighe has had many film and television roles in his career. He is best known for his role on the 1970s TV series Emergency! as Roy De Soto.

Was Roy DeSoto married?

He was married, and had a son (Chris) and a daughter who was never canonically named, though only his wife, Joanne, appeared in the pilot of the series. His family also has a dog. In the episode “The Exam,” we find out he was born on 7 November. Roy DeSoto is portrayed by actor Kevin Tighe.

How old is Kevin Tighe?

77 years (August 13, 1944)
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Are the guys from Emergency still alive?

Thankfully, he is not the only member of the “Emergency!” cast who is still alive. Robert Fuller, who portrayed Kelly Brackett, is 86 years old. Ron Pinkard, also known as Dr. Mike Morton, is 78.

Who is Kevin Tighe married to?

Rebecca Tighem. 1995
Mary Lou Seamanm. 1968–1971
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Where was Station 51 in Emergency?

Fire Station 51 is, in real-life, Los Angeles County Fire Station 127 located at 2049 E. 223rd Street in Carson, California.

Was Emergency Cancelled?

TV show. Trauma Executive Producer Dario Scardapane says that’s not a coincidence. Emergency! It was cancelled after 122 installments but members of the cast returned in five made-for-TV movies between 1978 and 1979.

Is there a real squad 51?

Squad 51 is owned and displayed by the Los Angeles County Fire Museum, located at 9834 Flora Vista Street in Bellflower, California. The museum is open one weekend per month and does not charge admission.

What was Kevin Tighe’s role in the Graduate?

Tighe earned a role in The Graduate starring Dustin Hoffman and then served in the U.S. Army. Following his military service, he returned to acting, working under contract for Paramount Pictures. In 1971 he signed a contract with Universal Studios and got the part of Fireman Roy DeSoto on the NBC series Emergency! (1972–77).

Where did Kevin Tighe perform after the Army?

After being discharged from the Army, Tighe appeared at the Taper Theater in Los Angeles in “The Trial of the Catonsville Nine” and in Noël Coward’s ” Design for Living ” at the Ahmanson Theatre, also in Los Angeles. After this, he went on to perform in “Design for Living” with the National Theatre of Great Britain.

Where was the actor Kevin Tighe born and raised?

Tighe was born Jon Kevin Fishburn in Los Angeles, California, of Czech-Bohemian and Irish descent, the son of an actor.

How many episodes of Kevin Tighe are there?

The show ran six seasons (129 episodes) with seven two-hour television movie specials including a pilot film, The Wedsworth-Townsend Act. and averaged 30 million viewers each week.