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What happened to Mark Hoffman in Saw?

What happened to Mark Hoffman in Saw?

Lawrence takes Hoffman into the bathroom from the first film, chains him by the ankle to the pipes, and throws away the hacksaw he used to cut off his own foot before he can do the same. Lawrence then shuts off the lights and leaves, closing the door and leaving Hoffman to die.

Does Mark Hoffman get caught in Saw?

Before succumbing to his cancer, Kramer anticipated Detective Hoffman killing Jill, and told Dr. Gordon to kill Hoffman if he ever hurt Jill. After Jill’s brutal death (Saw: The Final Chapter), Dr. Gordon and two other unknown accomplices capture Detective Hoffman and leave him to starve to death in the same room Dr.

How old is Mark Hoffman in Saw?


Mark Hoffman
First appearance: Saw III
Aliases: Lt. Mark Hoffman, Detective Hoffman
Gender: Male
Age: 40s

Who plays Mark Hoffman in Saw?

Costas MandylorSaw 3D
Mark Hoffman/Played by

Did Mark Hoffman Survive Saw?

He already managed to survive after John’s wife Jill Tuck caused his face to get snapped in half with the infamous reverse bear trap. While Hoffman doesn’t necessarily need to be Spiral: From the Book of Saw’s main villain, he very well could be, as he certainly ended up on bad terms with his former department.

Who killed Hoffman Saw?

Out of desperation, Eric shot him in his chest but couldn’t prevent him from entering. When Rigg bursted through the door with only one second left, Eric’s trap was activated. Therefore the large ice blocks swung down and crushed his skull, causing his lifeless and mutilated body to fall off the ice.

Is jigsaw a bad guy?

The Jigsaw Killer from the Saw series is unlike most antagonists in that he doesn’t see himself as a villain. Despite his role as a depraved man who placed his victims in traps that nearly always led to deaths, Jigsaw did have the right idea in certain areas.