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What happened to Sandra Gregory?

What happened to Sandra Gregory?

Sandra Gregory, who was sentenced to death in Thailand in 1993 for heroin trafficking, has been deported after trying to enter the country. The 44-year-old from West Yorkshire, who was pardoned nearly a decade ago, has campaigned to alert young people to the perils of getting involved in drugs while travelling.

Is Brokedown Palace a true story?

Film. The movie Brokedown Palace is claimed to be loosely based on the exploits of Patricia Cahill and Karen Smith.

What happened to Patricia Cahill and Karyn Smith?

Two teenage girls from the Midlands have been arrested for drug smuggling in Thailand. Patricia Cahill, 17, and Karen Smith, 18, were stopped by customs officials at Bangkok airport trying to board a flight to Amsterdam.

Where is Michael Connell now?

Michael Connell, 27, from Bury, who was sentenced to 99 years after trying to smuggle thousands of ecstasy tablets though Bangkok airport in 2003, has now been transferred to a British prison and can be released after serving a further six years.

What happened to the girls in Brokedown Palace?

The two girls are interrogated by the Thai police and Darlene signs a confession written in Thai, believing it to be a transcript of her statement. At their trial, they beg for mercy and are sentenced to 33 years in prison, the judge choosing to show leniency and not issue the standard life sentence.

What is the main message of the movie Brokedown Palace?

“Brokedown Palace,” directed by Jonathan Kaplan from a screenplay by David Arata, is good enough so that you wish it were better. Because the character of Darlene never comes into focus, the central theme of a close friendship put to the ultimate test isn’t as compelling as it ought to be.

What happened to Daniel Léger?

The film concludes with Léger’s release from a Thailand prison, where he kicked his addiction. He then educates himself in the Thai judicial system and, after serving eight years, manages to get a prison transfer.

Did Alice really do it in Brokedown Palace?

Anyway, yes, Alice (Claire Danes) lied to take the blame for smuggling. I’m guessing she realized that Darlene (Kate Beckinsale) had a better future ahead of her.

What happened at the end of Brokedown Palace?

In the end, Alice makes an impassioned plea accepting sole responsibility for the crime they didn’t commit, simply to earn her friend’s freedom, saying, “I am of weak character and want to make up for my mistakes.” Indeed, Alice’s checkered past comes back to haunt them both throughout the story, sending the message …

How true is the movie most wanted?

The new movie, “Most Wanted,” is inspired by a true story and has Josh Hartnett playing an investigative reporter trying to uncover the truth about police corruption that could help him save a young man’s life. HOLLYWOOD — The new movie, “Most Wanted,” is inspired by a true story.

What is the movie most wanted about?

An investigative reporter fights to expose the twisted truth behind a heroin bust orchestrated by dirty cops to frame an innocent man — sentencing him to life in a Thai prison.
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What happens Brokedown Palace?

“Brokedown Palace” tells the story of two American teenage girls who are sentenced to spend most of their lives in a Thai prison. A lot of foreign countries sentence drug traffickers to life, or death, and trusting Americans are sitting ducks for smooth-talking smugglers who take advantage of them.