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What happened to the Gateway Mall?

What happened to the Gateway Mall?

In 2016, The Gateway was sold to a commercial real estate company named “Vestar”. The company was planning to renovate the center for $30 million. Instead, $100 million was invested by Vestar since late 2018.

What stores are at the Gateway Mall Utah?

Current stores:

  • Apothica.
  • Bastille.
  • Bath & Body Works.
  • Bout Time Pub & Grub.
  • Buckle.
  • California Pizza Kitchen.
  • Chedda Burger.
  • Clark Planetarium & IMAX Theatre.

Who owns the Gateway SLC?

Vestar, an Arizona-based company which owns more than 50 retail spaces throughout the western United States, bought the Gateway in 2016.

What is the name of the mall in Salt Lake City?

South Towne Center, billed as “Utah’s largest shopping destination,” offers more than 150 shops and restaurants.

When did Gateway Mall open?

Gateway Theatre Of Shopping/Opened

What time does Gateway close?

*Trading hours may vary, please see individual retailers for specific trading hours. Click here to view session times and to book tickets online….Trading Hours.

Monday 9:00am – 5:30pm
Thursday 9:00am – 5:30pm
Friday 9:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 3:00pm

When was Gateway mall built?

Is Salt Lake City Good for shopping?

Salt Lake City offers plenty of opportunities for shopping, from world-class malls to hipster flea markets. Downtown Salt Lake City and its immediate neighbourhoods are home to various modern shopping malls, from the open-air City Creek Center to the upscale Fashion Place Mall.

Is everything closed on Sunday in Utah?

No other statewide Sunday closing bill has ever again become law in Utah, even though a 1961 U.S. Supreme Court decision allows “secular” mandatory day-of-rest closing laws. Currently, the only institutions now mandated by state law to close on Sundays are state liquor stores, courts and depository institutions.

What’s the biggest mall in South Africa?

Fourways Mall is currently regarded as the biggest mall in South Africa, and it is located in Johannesburg. Initially built back then in 1994, the place currently has an increased retail space of 178,000 square meters.

Who owns the Mall of Africa?

Attacq Ltd
The total retail area is 131 000 square metres, and a gross area of 550 000 square metres….

Mall of Africa
Owner Attacq Ltd 80% Atterbury Property 20%
Technical details
Lifts/elevators 50
Other information

Is Gateway Open after looting?

Gateway is on high alert and has put in place additional security measures. The mall is open for essential trading only. At The Pavilion, the centre manager told Cele that they had foiled an attempt of violence and looting on Sunday thanks to police who were deployed to safeguard the property.

What stores are in the Gateway Mall?

Gateway Mall is home to many stores in Bismarck, North Dakota. In the mall you can find Joan Fabrics, Sears, Allure Cosmetics, Carmike Theaters, Only Nails, and across the parking lot, Hobby Lobby. Alliance Taekwondo.

Where is Gateway Mall?

Gateway Mall is an enclosed shopping mall located in Lincoln, Nebraska owned by Starwood Capital Group.

What is Gateway Mall?

About Gateway Mall. Gateway Mall is an enclosed regional shopping center in Bismarck, North Dakota. Gateway Mall has been serving the people of North Dakota and beyond for more than 30 years. There are restaurants, stores, and movie theaters in a convenient location, north Bismarck.