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What happens in Office Space?

What happens in Office Space?

Three company workers who hate their jobs decide to rebel against their greedy boss. In the Initech office, the insecure Peter Gibbons hates his job and the obnoxious Division VP Bill Lumbergh who has just hired two efficiency consultants to downsize the company.

How does Office Space end?

At the end of the film, when Initech shuts down after someone sets fire to the building, Peter becomes a construction worker. As he’s shoveling his old company’s ashes, he tells us his new job “isn’t so bad: making bucks, getting exercise, working outside”.

Is Office Space realistic?

“Office Space,” a fictional comedy written and directed by Mike Judge, was a box office flop when it hit theaters 20 years ago last month, but has since become a cult film for skewering the drudgery and hypocrisies built into corporate America.

Was Office Space a flop?

Mike Judge’s workplace satire “Office Space,” which celebrates its 20th anniversary Feb. 19, was a bona fide box office flop when it grossed a measly $10.8 million in 1999. “We need to talk about your flair,” says her boss, played by Judge.

What platform is Office Space on?

Watch Office Space Streaming Online. Hulu (Free Trial)

What happened to the money at the end of office space?

Milton Waddams, a quirky office worker who mumbled a lot, had been threatening to burn the building down throughout the movie. After leaving the money and a note to Lumbergh in the Initech building, Peter later drove by to see the building in flames. The note was destroyed and Peter got away with the stealing scheme.

Who owns the rights to Office Space?

Office Space
Production company Judgemental Films
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date February 19, 1999 (United States)
Running time 89 minutes

Is Office Space related to the office?

In 2001, British comedian Ricky Gervais and his writing partner Stephen Merchant created The Office for the BBC. Clearly an heir to Judge’s film, The Office was a mockumentary about an office filled with oddities and cubicle-style annoyances.

How much money did they steal in office space?

On Monday, Peter discovers that a bug in Michael’s code has caused the virus to steal over $300,000 during the weekend, which is very conspicuous and guarantees they will be caught. The trio try to devise a plan to launder the money to no avail.

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