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What is a five fold?

What is a five fold?

1 : having five units or members. 2 : being five times as great or as many.

How does a 5 fold each way bet work?

With horse racing accumulators, if your bet includes six horses to win and one is eventually declared a non-runner, the accumulator is downgraded from a six-fold bet to a five-fold bet, with your potential winnings downgraded to the combined odds of the remaining five selections.

What does 4 folds 5 bets mean?

Placing the four single bets at £5 means that your total stakes are £20 and your maximum return is £40. If you place a £20 stake (same amount) on the accumulator, your returns would be £320 as the initial £20 stake plus winnings would apply to each subsequent leg.

What is the meaning of folds in bet9ja?

You can combine your single bets into doubles, trebles or folds (meaning two, three and four bets respectively). However, it is different from the regular multiple bet. If even one of the bets in your combined bet does not pull through, you lose the entire thing.

Is five fold the same as 500%?

Fold: When used as a suffix (fivefold) it means to multiply or divide. Therefore a five-fold increase is equal to a 400% increase not 500%…

Is five fold the same as five times?

five times as great or as much. comprising five parts or members. in fivefold measure.

What does 4 folds mean?

1 : being four times as great or as many. 2 : having four units or members. Other Words from fourfold Example Sentences Learn More About fourfold.

What is a 5 horse bet called?

A Super Yankee Bet is a type of wager which consists of 26 individual bets with five selections running in different races. Also known as a Canadian, a Super Yankee comprises five selections running in different races. The 26 bets comprise of: 10 x doubles.

What is a Lucky 63 bet?

A Lucky 63 consists of 63 bets of equal value on selections in six separate events: six singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, six five-folds and one six-fold accumulator.

What does 7 folds mean?

seven times as great
English Language Learners Definition of sevenfold : seven times as great or as many.

What does 16 fold mean?

Filters. By a factor of sixteen. adjective.

What does five fold ministry mean to the church?

The five-fold ministry has usually been defined as the church leadership ministry that consists of: (1) apostles, (2) prophets, (3) evangelists, (4) pastors (shepherds), and (5) teachers . This concept of five-fold ministry has been popularized in many charismatic churches. The belief is that all five types of leaders should exist in the church to help in its growth.

What is four fold?

The word four-fold is an adjective. It is used to describe a state or condition which is four times the previous condition. Four fold could also be written as four-fold or fourfold.

What is the definition of five?

Definition of five. 1 : a number that is one more than four — see Table of Numbers. 2 fives plural : a British handball game. 3. : the fifth in a set or series. the five of clubs.