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What is a good speed stacking time?

What is a good speed stacking time?

In Individual Competition, Special Stackers compete in one of two “levels” in their Age Division based on their average 3-6-3 time. The average time for Level 1 is 15.99 seconds or below. The average time for Level 2 is 16.00 seconds or above. starts up stacking the first stack in the sequence.

What is the world record for speed stacking cycle?

4.753 seconds
The fastest sport stacking individual cycle stack is 4.753 seconds, and was achieved by Chan Keng Ian (Malaysia) in Sabang Jaya, Malaysia, on 19 May 2019.

Who has the fastest hands in speed stacking?

More videos on YouTube Son Nguyen and Nicolas Werner claimed the world mark with a time of 6.435 seconds at the WSSA Weidig Open Sport Stacking Championships on November 16, 2013 in Butzbach, Germany. The previous record of 6.530 seconds was set by Team Germany’s Ryan Powell and Timo Reuhl in 2012.

What does speed stacking work on?

Sport stacking not only promotes physical fitness, but also academic learning. Students that sport stack on a regular basis have shown increases in test scores and levels of concentration. This is achieved by students using both their right and left sides of their brain.

How do you cup stack super fast?

Separate the cups from one another using your fingers, resting the last (or bottom) cup on your pinky finger. Stack in a circle – that means, use a circular motion with your hands and arms instead of back and forth. Never pass a cup from one hand to another. Use both hands at the same time.

Who is the fastest cup stacker in the world?

William Orrell has broken 32 records for stacking cups, making him the fastest in the world.

How old is William Orrell?

William Orrell is the best in the world in his sport. A 17-year-old from North Carolina, Orrell is ranked No. 1 and is the reigning junior Olympic and world champion. He has a popular YouTube channel, a product line named after him, and legions of admiring fans in dozens of countries.

What is the world record for most cups stacked?

The largest plastic cup pyramid consists of 73,810 cups, and was created by Ping Solutions and Cinépolis (both Mexico) at Plaza Universidad, Mexico City, Mexico, on 6 April 2019.

Why is speed stacking a thing?

Fastest stacker wins. Cup stacking is often referred to as “sport stacking” or “speed stacking” in order to boost the self esteem of players who have dedicated their athletic lives to being able to quickly stack and collapse cups in formation.