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What is a spring perch?

What is a spring perch?

Hyperco’s Hydraulic Spring Perches are suspension components used on coil-over springs designed to minimize lateral forces, resulting in maximized total performance of a vehicle. Coil springs do not distribute their load evenly around the face of the end coils by nature.

Can you weld leaf springs together?

Our answer is always no. You shouldn’t even weld near your springs, let alone on them. Springs don’t stand well to heat, since heat causes springs steel to de-carbonize and lose tensile strength, making the area around the weld brittle like a cheap pencil. This causes your springs to break very easily.

How do you trim leaf spring perches?

Very easy. Cut the weld with an angle grinder. Then whack the perches with a big hammer and what’s left of the weld will break. If you don’t care about the tubes, you can cut deeper and separating the two will be easier.

Do trailer axle seats need welding?

Yes, but in most cases it’s unnecessary. Axles for trailers are typically sold with the seats already welded in place.

What are hyperco springs?

Hyperco is a supplier of precision engineered, high-performance suspension springs and related components supporting the Motorsports, Street Performance and Off-Road/Powersports markets. Our stock and custom suspension products improve the total performance, aesthetics and durability of your ride!

Where can I find spring perch?

Pre-spawn perch seek out the fastest warming water in spring, moving to shallow and mid-depth flats. Large bays, coves and canals also attract perch. Cover and structures will funnel perch movements and cause schools to loiter in a spot.

Can you weld a snapped leaf spring?

The answer to the question though is yes, you can weld leaf spring and even do it successfully without compromising any of its original properties but you need to have good knowledge about its metallurgical properties and do it in a very controlled environment.

Do you have to weld on spring seats?

It is STRONGLY recommended that you do not weld these spring seats onto your galvanized axles. To properly use these seats, you need to place the seat on the body of the axle so the legs of the seat sit on each side of the axle tube.

Do spring seats need to be welded?

Expert Reply: It is highly recommended that the spring seat be at minimum tack welded to the axle.

Can you use a jig to weld leaf spring perches?

For those of you that have ever needed to weld a pair of leaf spring perches on a rear end housing, this tip could save you some aggravation. I use a perch jig to weld the perches on rear end housings at my shop. It probably sounds expensive or complicated, but it is not.

How big of hole do you need for leaf spring?

A piece of 5′ long x 4″ channel iron works well as it allows you to access the bolt that will hold the rectangular tubing in place. You will need to drill two holes in the channel at the exact center to center distance of your leaf spring perches. (Mustangs have a 42 3/4″ center to center distance.)

What’s the best way to weld a perch?

Once the angle is set, re-check the side to side measurements, and tack weld the perches on. Weld half of each side of each perch, and then go to the other perch so that you will not concentrate too much heat in one area at one time and warp the housing.

Is the Allen head part of a leaf spring?

The Allen head portion will simulate the center bolt of the leaf spring. (You may need to grind the head down slightly to fit some perches). The other side will bolt to the channel iron. Here is the rectangular tubing bolted to the channel iron.