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What is a Weldon?

What is a Weldon?

: a process used formerly for the recovery of manganese dioxide in making chlorine from hydrochloric acid in a stoneware still by adding lime to the still liquor and oxidizing with air to precipitate a mud containing calcium manganite and yielding chlorine when recirculated and treated with hydrochloric acid.

Who invented the Weldon holder?

Carl A. Bergstrom
In the winter of 1918, Carl A. Bergstrom opened the Weldon Tool Co. in Cleveland. Working from his shop atop the Blackstone Building, he developed a new kind of endmill, one with a 30° helical flute.

What is Weldon app?

The core of the Weldon app is a growing collection of over 500 fun and development boosting activities to do with your children, over 100 goals to train positive habits and expert suggestions to common family challenges.

What is the spelling of Weldon?

/ (ˈwɛldən) / noun.

What is a synonym for well done?

dramatic. imposing. notable. profound.

Is well done correct grammar?

You say Well done to indicate that you are pleased that someone has done something good. “Daddy! I came second in history!”—”Well done, sweetheart!” If something that you have cooked, especially meat, is well done, it has been cooked thoroughly.

Whats the opposite of well done?

What is the opposite of well-done?

soft soggy
cheerful flexible
happy nice
pleasant pliable

Is well done a compliment?

It’s usually a compliment. Was there some confusion depending on the context? Like in local slang. For instance, if someone says they were “well done with that person” they might be from England, and they’d be meaning they were over, or sick of that person – they’d had enough of them.

Is it rude to say well done?

It can be used sarcastically, if someone has made a mistake but otherwise it is a nice thing to say. It’s usually a compliment.

Is excellent better than well done?

‘Well done’ and ‘excellent’ have a very similar meaning when referring to complimenting. However, ‘well done’ literally means you have done something well, while excellent is more broad. You can use it on most things you find to be great.