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What is Autodesk Softimage?

What is Autodesk Softimage?

Autodesk Softimage, or simply Softimage (/sɒftɪˈmɑːʒ/) is a discontinued 3D computer graphics application, for producing 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling, and computer animation.

Why was Softimage discontinued?

According to Autodesk’s entertainment industry manager Maurice Patel, the decision to kill Softimage was taken to focus the company’s efforts on its core 3D tools.

Is Softimage free?

SOFTIMAGE|XSI EXP v. 3.0 is available as a free download from the Softimage Website ( or as part of a complete CD-based training kit available for purchase. Intended for non-commercial use, watermarks will appear on rendered images.

Who created Softimage?

filmmaker Daniel Langlois
Softimage was founded in 1986 by National Film Board of Canada filmmaker Daniel Langlois and with founding director, Char Davies. At the time, there were only three employees. Its first product was called the Softimage Creative Environment, later renamed to Softimage 3D.

Can you still get Softimage?

Softimage was discontinued last year and is no longer available for purchase. You’ll find more details in the Softimage final release announcement. Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max might be a valid alternative for you.

What are animation layers?

In animation and graphics software, layers refer to the different levels on which you place your drawings, animations, and objects. The layers are stacked one on top of another. Each layer contains its own graphics or effects, which can be worked on and changed independently of the other layers.

What is ghosting in animation?

Ghost objects let you see how an animation moves through a scene. Unlike Motion Trails, which simply use a line to illustrate where an animated object moves, a ghost object shows a semi-transparent representation of the object at the points in time you specify.

How many layers do animators use?

Only one layer can be active at a time (although more than one layer can be selected at a time). When you create an Animate document, it contains only one layer.

Why would you use layering in animation?

Working with layers in animation lets you composite animation scenes in a way that doesn’t require fitting everything together perfectly in each frame. Layers give you more freedom in editing and give you a way to keep objects from merging on one layer when you need them to be separate in others.

What is the use of ghost animation option?

Does Maya have onion skin?

Ghosting, or onion skinning, is a 2D technique that was used in traditional cartoon animation to see several frames at once. Maya has a native ghost tool that shows semi-transparent animated objects, but bhGhost takes this one step further and creates actual 3D outlines by using the Maya Toon Lines.

What do layers do in Adobe animate?