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What is config rb file?

What is config rb file?

The config.rb file is the brain of a Compass project. It defines the relationship between files and their assets, how and where the CSS should be generated, and any dependencies for a project.

What is config RB in chef?

A config. rb file is used to specify configuration details for knife.

Which of the following command will create knife RB and client RB file?

configure subcommand
Use the knife configure subcommand to create the client. rb and credential files so that they can be distributed to workstations and nodes.

How do you set up a chef knife?

Configure Knife environment ( On Workstation Machine)

  1. Step 1: Generate chef repository directory. Start by generating a Chef repository on your Workstation machine chef generate repo chef-repo cd chef-repo.
  2. Step 2: Configure Git.
  3. Step 3: Add the .chef directory to the .gitignore file.
  4. Step 4: Configure Knife.

Where is Knife RB located?

When running Microsoft Windows, the knife. rb file is located at %HOMEDRIVE%:%HOMEPATH%\. chef (e.g. c:\Users\\. chef).

How do you run a compass?

B: Install Compass. app

  1. Step: Download Compass. app. Compass. app is available for Windows, OS X and Linux. Go to and download the app. After the download you can instantly run the tool without installation.
  2. Step: Use Compass. app. To convert . sass or . scss into CSS start Compass.

Where do I put the knife RB?

rb file is located at: %HOMEDRIVE%:%HOMEPATH%\. chef (e.g. c:\Users\\. chef ). In a script for Microsoft Windows, use: %USERPROFILE%\chef-repo\.

What is chef architecture?

Chef works on a three-tier client server model wherein the working units such as cookbooks are developed on the Chef workstation. From the command line utilities such as knife, they are uploaded to the Chef server and all the nodes which are present in the architecture are registered with the Chef server.

What language does Chef use?

Chef (software)

Developer(s) Chef
Written in Client: Ruby Server: Ruby, Erlang
Operating system Linux, MS Windows, FreeBSD, macOS, IBM AIX, Solaris
Type Configuration management, System administration, Network management, Cloud management, Continuous delivery, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code
License Apache License 2.0

What is a Chef client?

A chef-client is an agent that runs locally on every node that is under management by Chef. When a chef-client is run, it will perform all of the steps that are required to bring the node into the expected state, including: Registering and authenticating the node with the Chef server.