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What is daker Saaj?

What is daker Saaj?

“Daker Saaj” was started by the Shobhabazar royal family, where Britishers used to visit for Durga Puja. It incorporated the use of silver in the decorations in the form of foils, plates, ornaments etc. Every year more than 500 plates used to come by post from Paris and then from Germany. #DakerSaaj.

What are the 10 Durga names?


  • Brahmacharini.
  • Chandraghanta.
  • Kushmanda.
  • Skandamata.
  • Katyayani.
  • Kalaratri.
  • Mahagauri.
  • What are the 10 weapons of Devi Durga?

    The ten arms of Lord Durga symbolize that she protects her devotees from all directions namely the eight corners and from the sky and the earth. The ten hands of Lord Durga hold in them a conch, discuss, lotus, sword, bow with arrow, trishul, mace, thunderbolt, snake and flame.

    Who is the husband of Goddess Durga?

    According to Hindu legends, Durga is created by the gods to defeat the demon Mahishasura, who could be only killed by a female….

    Siblings Vishnu
    Consort Shiva
    Manipuri equivalent Panthoibi

    Why is it called daker Saaj?

    Bagchi refers to these accessories used to dress up her holiness and her extended family as daaker saaj, but traditionally the term was used for the adornments created out of beaten silver foil.

    What are the 9 avatars of Durga Maa?

    Here are the nine forms of Goddess Durga:

    • Goddess Shailputri. Goddess Shailputri is the first manifestation of Goddess Durga.
    • Goddess Brahmacharini.
    • Goddess Chandraghanta.
    • Goddess Kushmanda.
    • Goddess Skandmata.
    • Goddess Katyayani.
    • Goddess Kaalratri.
    • Goddess Mahagauri.

    Who gave what to Durga?

    Once Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati combined to incarnate as Durga, the ten-armed super-goddess received gifts and boons from the other gods. Shiva gave her his trident, Vishnu gave her his Sudarshan Chakra, and Brahma gave her his kamandalam of holy water and wisdom.

    Who gave Durga her sword?

    Shiva, the God of Destruction, gifted Durga with his trishul or trident. The three prongs of the weapon symbolize multiple important trinities in the Hindu myth and philosophy.

    Is Durga the wife of Shiva?

    Shiva’s wife was Parvati, often incarnated as Kali and Durga. She was in fact a reincarnation of Sati (or Dakshayani), the daughter of the god Daksha.

    Is Durga mother of Shiva?

    Durga provides Shiva with the energy as Shakti and as the Eternal Mother Goddess lends Shiva the grace needed to beneficially use the vast, incalculable power for the benefit of creation. Their coming together as the primordial couple provides purpose and sustenance to the universe.

    What are the names of the 10 days of Durga?

    While the rituals entail ten days of fast, feast and worship, the last four days— Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, and Dashami— are celebrated with much gaiety and grandeur in India and abroad, especially in Bengal, where the ten-armed goddess riding the lion is worshipped with great passion and devotion.

    What kind of silver is used in Durga Puja?

    There are two kinds of embellishments that are used on clay— sholar saaj and daker saaj. In the former, the pratima is traditionally decorated with the white core of the shola reed which grows within marshlands. As the devotees grew wealthier, beaten silver (rangta) was used.

    Who was the first person to worship Durga?

    Thus goes the story of Lord Rama, who first worshipped the ‘Mahishasura Mardini’ or the slayer of the buffalo-demon, by offering 108 blue lotuses and lighting 108 lamps, at this time of the year. The first grand worship of Goddess Durga in recorded history is said to have been celebrated in the late 1500s.

    Which is the centennial year of Durga Puja?

    This Durga Puja, which celebrates its centennial in 2009, is also known as the Kashmere Gate Durga Puja, currently organized by the Delhi Durga Puja Samiti in the lawns of Bengali Senior Secondary School, Alipur Road, Delhi.