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What is micro-flow imaging?

What is micro-flow imaging?

Micro-flow imaging (MFI) is a well-established and frequently-used technique for sizing, quantifying, visualizing and, in certain cases, identifying (sub-) visible particles. MFI has become an established technique for subvisible particle analysis, though no monograph/specifications in the pharmacopoeias exist so far.

How does Micro-flow imaging work?

So, how does MFI work? As the sample moves through the flow cell, MFI captures images and analyzes every particle. The system is precisely aligned for high sensitivity. Every particle is analyzed in real-time for particle count, size, transparency, and morphology.

What is MFI assay?

Multiplex Fluorescent Immunoassay (MFI) is a sensitive and specific serologic test that allows simultaneous detection of antibodies to multiple viral and bacterial agents in a single reaction well.

What is Flow Cam?

The FlowCam is a flow imaging microscope that captures high-resolution digital images of nano- and microscopic particles suspended in a fluid stream. From each particle image, 40+ physical parameters are calculated and can be analysed using our VisualSpreadsheet software.

What is Microflow strategy?

According to the concept of microflow, people can have small “flow”-like experiences that offset the boredom they would otherwise feel when time passes too slowly. When in flow, you’re so involved in the activity that you’re not aware of your surroundings.

What is light obscuration?

Light obscuration or Single Particle Optical Sensing (SPOS), is a high-resolution analysis technique capable of detecting a small percentage of outliers. Light obscuration works by passing a dilute stream of particles in a liquid suspension between a light source and a detector.

What is MFI diagnosis?

Infertility is a medical problem, which affects 10-15% of couples. Male factor infertility is diagnosed in almost half of the cases. The male genetic pathology is thought to be the basis for MFI in 15-30% of cases.

What activities promote flow?

“Flow” Activities

  • Physical activities such as sports, yoga, dance, and martial arts.
  • Outdoor challenges such as hiking.
  • Music–writing, playing, mixing.
  • Art–painting, sculpture, mixed media, pottery.
  • Photography.
  • Woodworking.
  • Do-It-Yourself projects, such as home improvement.
  • Working with animals.

What is d10 D50 and d90?

D10: The portion of particles with diameters smaller than this value is 10% D50: The portions of particles with diameters smaller and larger than this value are 50%. Also known as the median diameter. D90: The portion of particles with diameters below this value is 90%.

What is MFI infertility?

The most common form of male factor infertility (MFI) that we see is idiopathic, meaning that there is no clear identifiable factor leading to a decrease in sperm quality.

What do you get from micro flow imaging?

Micro-Flow Imaging combines the direct imaging capabilities of digital microscopy with the precise control of microfluidics. What does that get you?

How does Coriolis micro-flow imaging ( MFI ) work?

The digital images of the particles present in the sample are processed by image morphology analysis software that allows their quantification in size and count. Coriolis operates several systems from different suppliers, such as Micro-flow imaging devices from ProteinSimple and FlowCam systems from Fluid Imaging Technology.

How can micro-flow image-based particle analysis help you?

If you’re looking for broader, deeper analysis of your biotherapeutic products, MFI is the sub-visible particle analysis tool for you. How Can Micro-Flow Imaging Help You?

How big is the MFI 5100 micro flow imaging?

DESCRIPTION MFI 5100 MFI 5200 Size Range 2 to 300 µm 1 to 70 µm Percent of Sample Analyzed >85% — entire size range >85% — entire size range Depth of Field (DOF) 400 µm 100 µm Flow Cell Depth 400 µm — DOF matched 100 µm — DOF matched