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What is OCS Inventory Agent for Windows?

What is OCS Inventory Agent for Windows? Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation (OCS inventory NG) is free software that enables users to inventory IT assets. OCS-NG collects information about the hardware and software of networked machines running the OCS client program (“OCS Inventory Agent”).

How do I install OCS inventory on Windows?

Choose destination folder, “C:\Program Files\OCS Inventory Agent” by default (“C:\Program Files (x86)\OCS Inventory Agent” under Windows 64 bits), and click “Install” button. Click “Finish” button to close OCS inventory NG Agent Setup. This is the interactive installation setup.

How do I install OCS Inventory?

How to Install OCS Inventory Server on Ubuntu 18.04 | 16.04

  1. Step 0: Install Required Packages.
  2. Step 1: Install Apache2 HTTP Server.
  3. Step 2: Install MariaDB Database Server.
  4. Step 3: Install PHP 7.2 and Related Modules.
  5. Step 4: Create OCS-NG Database.
  6. Step 5: Install Perl and Modules.
  7. Step 6: Download OCS-NG Latest Release.

How does OCS Inventory work?

The OCS server receives inventories which are sent by agents in XML format, and stored data in MySQL database. The Agents contact the server. The server only listens during this process. Exchanges between agents and server are made in http and/or https.

What is Snow Inventory agent?

Snow Inventory Agent automatically collects usage information on all applications running on desktops (including virtual desktops – VDI), also it collects discovers and meters virtual and streamed applications as well as applications running from within the datacenter such as Citrix and Microsoft RDS.

What is Ocsinventory EXE?

Since 2001, OCS Inventory has been looking to make hardware and software inventory of computers more efficient. OCS Inventory queries its agents to know the soft and hard composition of each machine, each server. OCS Inventory also queries the network to discover the active elements that cannot receive an agent.

How do you deploy OCS?

The deployment configuration is available on Configuration > General configuration > Deployment . In the first place, to use OCS Inventory deployment feature is to activate it. Set the DOWNLOAD parameter to ON . Note : package creation is still available even if the DOWNLOAD parameter is disabled.

How do I upgrade my OCS Inventory?

  1. Setting up OCS Inventory Server with RPM.
  2. OCS Inventory NG Agent 2.X on Windows Operating Systems.
  3. Update an existing OCS Server installation. Update an existing OCS Server installation. Delete existing plugins. Backup existing configuration. Update the existing installation. Restore backed up configuration and start.

What is OCS Ubuntu?

OCS Inventory also known as “Open Computers and Software Inventory Next Generation” is a free asset management platform. OCS allows you to collect hardware and software inventory from all active devices on the network including, routers, switches, computers, printers and many more.

Do you need a college degree to go to OCS?

OCS applicants need a four-year degree from an accredited college or university and must be U.S. citizens. You also should be able to qualify for a secret security clearance from the Department of Defense (although may not need to actually obtain the clearance until after graduation).

How do you get into Officer Candidate School?

Civilian College Graduates

  1. A U.S. citizen.
  2. A college graduate with at least a four-year degree.
  3. Between 19 and 32 years old (you must enter active duty or ship to training by your 33rd birthday and accept commission prior to age 34)
  4. Eligible for a secret security clearance.

How does snow inventory agent work?

Which is the Windows agent for OCS Inventory?

Ocsinventory-Agent is an agent for OCS Inventory. It supports Windows Vista and higher. To install Windows Agent, see OCS Inventory documentation : OCS Inventory Agent 2.X on Windows Operating Systems. To compile Windows Agent, see documentation : HOWTO compile OCS Windows Agent.

How does OCS Inventory NG agent 2.x work?

The Windows service version will automatically communicate with the OCS-NG system and perform inventories and package deployment based on parameters set on the server. The standalone client is used for computers that cannot communicate with the server, or where the service version is not wanted or allowed. How does Windows Agent work?

How to Store OCS Inventory in administration console?

If you want to store it, OCS Inventory include a package file upload into Administration console. Click on toolbar Config menu. Click [ Agent ] toolbar menu, browse your hard drive to select agent file and click [ Send ] button. Note: If you encounter error while uploading agent, refer to common errors PHP max post size and MySql upload size

Where can I download OCS Windows agent 2.7.0 x64?

Download OCS-Windows-Agent- for 64-bits machines This commit was created on and signed with GitHub’s verified signature . GPG key ID: 4AEE18F83AFDEB23 Learn about vigilant mode .